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Concluding #COP24 Without Bold Climate Action Plan 'Would Be Suicidal,' UN Chief Warns

Concluding #COP24 Without Bold Climate Action Plan 'Would Be Suicidal,' UN Chief Warns

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As people across the globe are rising up to demand bold climate action amid record-breaking levels of planet-warming emissions, "off the charts" rates of melting ice, and mounting concerns about extreme weather and declining biodiversity, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres on Wednesday warned world leaders of the consequences if the COP24 talks in Poland conclude without an ambitious plan for the future.

As the rest of the world gets on board to save the planet, at the same time they must be in shock that a nation as important as America won’t participate. They are getting the full picture of what the American public is dealing with, an unrelenting greed from government and corporate forces that can’t let go of that greed long enough to save the planet they live on. I hope they can find a way to pressure the U.S. into action.

Why is the US even at this meeting?

Why are the fossil fuel corporations at this meeting?

With them there and spreading “influence,” bold action is near impossible.

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Guess which country should be the biggest contributor to the $100 billion annually. If you named the richest country in the world and the country with the largest historical emissions you are correct.

Remember it was the US that organized the Paris agreement. That is one reason the US is there. Another reason is that it takes almost four years to formally leave. Trump has nearly two years to go before he can get the US out.

HI Lrx : That’s good to know… 4 years, wow, with 2 more to go. BUT —If you add up all his anger+ all the burgers+ all those lies that at some point he has to keep track of-----I don’t think he’ll live 2 more years. He will die as he lived----with his finger on his last twitter;
" Smock–give me coffee or give me dea…"
Oh well, not very impressive last words though. I think Pence made the coffee…oh sorry , I mean the covfefe.