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Concluding Lifetime of Activism, Grace Lee Boggs Dies at Age 100



It is somehow nice to know she lived such a long life. A long time (being an activist) on the clock of the world.


But still…Detroit and America have lost a real hero. And that's just sad.


Absolutely true leftover but she had a great life - a long life - a successful life of creativity, love, community and activism. An admirable life. She was a winner.


"The only way to survive is by taking care of one another." A direct quote of Grace Lee Boggs this is what she said, and this is how she lived. She understood that our interdependence rested on our caring for and each other and the world we share. I salute Grace Lee Boggs, PhD for an exceptionally well lived life !


In 2010, Grace Lee Boggs spoke at a birthday celebration for her at the Detroit Social Forum, She shared a profound and inspiring vision which I will always remember:

"The next revolution will be a REVOLUTION of the HEART !" Grace Lee Boggs


What a gift to the world she was ! Her heart was as great as her intellect , and that is rare . This country needs MANY more like her .


Grace Lee Boggs lives on in a legacy of fearlessly, faithfully and lovingly engaging the spirits and realities of all around her. Strength, dignity, beauty, mind and heart gifted to all through a life well lived.
Grace Lee Boggs - Presente!

Shetterly's Americans Who Tell the Truth choice of quote on her portrait:
"People are aware that they cannot continue in the same old way but are immobilized because they cannot imagine an alternative. We need a vision that recognizes that we are at one of the great turning points in human history when the survival of our planet and the restoration of our humanity require a great sea change in our ecological, economic, political, and spiritual values."


What a wonderful champion of humanity and to think I only heard about her in the last few years. America has a way of buruing their heroes and often long before they die.


Rest in peace Ms. Boggs. You will be missed. 100 years old...a long time to be someone's pain in the a$$...RIP.