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Concocting a Crime-Ageddon to Promote Police Power


Concocting a Crime-Ageddon to Promote Police Power

Josmar Trujillo

The New York Post, the notorious right-wing tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, inspired a media stampede of stories highlighting increases in New York City’s crime statistics.


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Excellent simple straightforward report based on facts and statistics.

The corporatist media are not interested in actual facts and statistics, only in distraction and misdirection with an agenda.

We need to pay a lot more attention to each other, and less and less attention to the corporatist media.


Yes, NYC does need Stop and Frisk! If the NYPD were to stop every corporate rat in the financial district and pat them down, there would be a record number of arrests for cocaine possession. Other crimes would also drop, with all of Wall St.'s bankers and financial gurus in jail for possession of cocaine, who would launder the drug money for the CIA and the drug cartels? The banks would have to go back to loaning money to make a living! With all of the members of the Fed incarcerated, who would be available to print all of the free corporate funny money to buy back all of the company stocks and engorge the corporate CEO’s paychecks? Without all of that free funny money, how would the Military Congressional Industrial Complex survive? So yes, NYC does indeed need stop and frisk!
While they are at it the cops should stop and frisk Rupert Murdoch, rumor has it he just payed General David Betrayus a few million bucks for the surveillance photos of Rupert sexually abusing a mob of Wallabies on his yacht out in the harbor!