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Condemnation After UK Lifts Ban on Bee-Killing Neonics


Condemnation After UK Lifts Ban on Bee-Killing Neonics

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The UK government this week temporarily lifted a ban on controversial pesticides linked to widespread harm to bees and other insects—a move which one environmental group said "shows a blatant disregard for our wildlife."


This should bee interesting. Neonicotinoids kill bees as well as many other insects. It’s debatable whether the Neonics or Roundup (along with its grain partners , the GMO grains) have more of a desultory effect on insects, Roundup kills the “weeds” that some insects feed on. If poison doesn’t wipe out the world bee population directly, then it will be at least partially responsible for the total demise of the insect.

The other killer will be the change in ambient temperature of their habitats. With Climate Change (AGW), either the bees food, for example the nectar of almond blossoms, disappear with the death of a dessicated tree and they die of hunger, or they die due to the disappearance of habitat from too high temperatures that bees cannot endure. Either way, the bees are going to die.

The entire Norther Hemisphere is loosing bee populations. I read somewhere that in the case of large bee die outs of populations in China, people were put to work pollinating fruiting plants with little paint brushes. Can you imagine how that would appear. Whichever mass dying occurs first, enjoy your almonds while you can. I tend to describe and emphasize the dying of oceans by saying to friends and acquaintances, if they like oysters, eat them while you still have a chance. When they ask why, I go through the whole story of the acidification of the world oceans by way of CO2 saturation.

As with all corporate controlled governments in our predominately capitalist world order, the ruling English government really couldn’t give a damn.

And so it goes.


There are all these articles about governments and regulatory agencies attempting to keep secret proceedings they expect the public to oppose. Since when did it become the nobles (governing elite) keeping secrets from the peasantry (the citizens of a democracy)?

Is respect for democracy dead in all but name? Are we to be ‘ruled’ now by those in government as opposed to the citizens having a say in how they are governed (and its laws) which is what democracy is all about?

How can we have a democracy if we are kept from knowing what is going on. This was not some national security issue either. This was simply going behind the public’s back and trying to avoid being told that this shouldn’t be done by the public.

Is democracy really dying as a governing ideal? I ask that because this kind of secrecy of convenience is happening a lot.

Has democracy become inconvenient? Seems like it is beginning to appear that it is.


Sadly, another example of government acting on behalf of corporations, not people or nature.


I think that the whole system of bees, mosquitoes, moths, flies, and bats as well as song birds is away down in my part of Ontario, Canada. Not so much reduction of the bigger birds, [yet].

The early morning and the evening used to be filled with birdsong when I was a boy.

We are poisoning the systems that we live on. We are poisoning ourselves.