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Condemning 'Attempt at Voter Suppression,' Colorado Sues DeJoy Over Misleading Postal Service Mailers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/12/condemning-attempt-voter-suppression-colorado-sues-dejoy-over-misleading-postal


It is just a very tiny bit possible that people like this do not belong in the U.S.

Thank goodness there are still qualified competent civil servants who actually know and understand what they’re doing.

Hoorah for Colorado… These soulless criminal types, thinking themselves immune from prosecution because they share amorality with the president, must be confronted in every way possible.
Not only to rid us of them but to continue to point out to those who yet support Trump exactly what they are supporting.


Yes, nice to know they know how to represent the people not political theater.
Too bad such lawsuits are likely restricted to relief, and not include damages.

President of Portland Metro Lynn Peterson was boo’d loudly when introduced to a mostly calm BLM protest late afternoon. I’ve forgotten the date. She’s incompetent or dishonest or dishonestly misled to believe Doug Kelsey or Ted know what they’re doing to Portland. Ted is going through a divorce and needs the time off, but his handlers won’t let him go. Doug Kelsey at Tri-Met coattail director has fuckedup big time. Tra-la-la. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

I got one of those postcards from the Post Office today. Oregon is entireIy a vote by maiI state, but Oregon has voting drop off boxes, so you don’t have to maiI the votes in with a Post Office box. The state provides the Vote MaiI boxes so U.S Posta boxes are not necessary can be skipped : )

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After destroying lots of sorting equipment and taking the mailboxes, DeJoy could find a few extra bucks in the post office budget to send everyone these misleading postcards…

A lawsuit well deserved. Go Colorado.


“I got postcards from Post Office today. Oregon entireIy vote by maiI state with drop off boxes. The Vote by MaiI boxes US Postal boxes are not unnecessarily skipped.” HeiL Trumpler! Schweinhuunden! OMG WW3.Earnest Callenbach 1981 “Ecotopia Emerging”
Breathe deep the gathering gloom.

Hi Wellan
Well hopefully there are video cameras trained on all these drop boxes, as dejoy is a dirty player—where underhandedness is king. : (

The elections office sends their own staffers to collect them every night & stores them under security in the elections office every night.
After decades of running 100% vote by mail with 100% paper trails, Oregon has eliminated avenues for GOP voter fraud…
No wonder the Orange Cheato doesn’t like the honest West Coast!!


Thank you for that information, and it’s wonderful information too. ALL states should consider what Oregon does.

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Sadly, the lawsuit will be tied up in the courts until way after the coming election. Even then it will come before Trump appointed judges unfit to wear the robes.
No, the way to get an honest election lies with active participation, personally hand off your ballots to polling places this year.
Trump is a caricature of a president, thinking he rules a third world nation, and must be cast out of office and then wend his way through the court system until finding himself wearing an orange jumpsuit in a NYState prison.

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