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Condemning Inaction of Rich Nations, Oxfam Unveils Report Showing Climate-Related Disasters Displaced 200 Million People Since 2008

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/02/condemning-inaction-rich-nations-oxfam-unveils-report-showing-climate-related

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Notice how the graph is trending in a nonlinear uptick. This is exactly how the Great Unraveling is unfolding.


Yes - an ominous graph, with inflection points at 2012 & 2016. Both correlate roughly with La Nina’s - not sure if this is significant ?

The jet stream has been bonkers these last number of years, but perhaps the more accurate correlation is with political events and upheavals, which are too numerous for me to make sense of this early in the morning.

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200 million is just a taste of what the near future holds in store.

Meanwhile, we discuss the relative merits of the Paris Accords.


Meanwhile, our ‘leaders’ tell us everything is fine.


Dramatic change needs to happen but that seems impossible. Demagogues abound (Johnson, Bolsanaro, Trump) and the corporate masse media which sides with their owners, the fossil fuel industry. Kind of like hopeless at this point. I guess we all can delude ourselves that the climate will improve, but delusional thinking is what has gotten us to this point. It is worse than most people realize.


however the prezidint asurrs us its a hokes!!


More and more I get the feeling that the well heeled only care about themselves. They would probably say so if we asked them. They are rich enough to mitigate climate effects on them personally, and figure we lesser people are on our own. They don’t want to pay to save the country or the world. They just will save themselves the best they can.
First the greed, then the selfishness.
Someone needs to tell these a-holes that it takes a village on this one.


Remember Dorian parking over the Bahamas last September 1-3? One of the most startling examples of a big storm coming up with new ideas. For everyone, it’s like the old frog in the pot on every newscast. Kids today may not realize: There was a time when the first or second headline every day wasn’t necessarily another weather disaster.

Our standard binary model of action versus inaction is a clumsy fit for the current human predicament, in which the problem stems from what we do, not so much from what we don’t do. Effective action in this context paradoxically means stopping, not starting.

For instance: it would be nice for Empire to stop its slaughter of indigenous Bolivians, to start with. USA could help much more by doing much less.


And a Chinese one at that. Yep, those crafty fuckers convinced the international community of climate scientists to create histories most elaborate hoax.

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This movie does not end well. Soon there will be tens and tens of millions surging to cross every national border that currently exists–either to get out or to get in. Since we have no plan and no leadership the consequences will be stupefying, ineluctable


Action this year is critical!

Action last year was critical!

Action a decade ago was critical!

Action two decades ago was critical!

And still we sit back and say, “If we don’t do something, things are going to get bad in the future.” According to this article, 20 million more people every year find out the future is here, now.

No more time for action to avert the crisis. The collapse is upon us. It’s all reaction from here on out. Humans, sadly, don’t react well. Ineluctable, indeed.


I think you are safe to go ahead and let that feeling crystallize into a cold, hard fact of life.

Don’t rush into anything! Making sense of it can deflate a promising day.

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I know, somewhat redundant and certainly an understatement. Got it. But hey, it’s Monday.

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Kind of matches Al Gore’s ‘hocky stick’ graph

Will your grandchildren be climate refugees?

Most of the refugees are fleeing chronic agricultural failure. If you’re from Syria, from South Sudan or from Guatemala then you’re fundamentally a famine refugee plus the dictators and drug gangs were also good reasons to run for it. Bolivia is starting to fail.

If you’re in India your farmland will probably fail. Bangladesh and Saigon will probably suffer from salt water intrusion of rice paddies.

If you’re from the Dust Bowl region, yep. If you’re from California, you’ll need to grow fewer vegetables and more agave cactuses because Western water won’t be dependable. Also watch those megafires. If you’re on the East Coast you’ll continue to get lots of rain and can probably grow food in at least half the years, just don’t live in a hurricane zone. What happened to Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands with Hurricane Dorian could soon send your house a mile away.

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Maybe we will pay more attention when we start seeing American climate refugees (not otherwise hidden or ignored by mainstream media).

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Wow… do you think they really care .
Over 650 children die every hour on this planet.
The world spends trillions on weapons is offence and defence .Trillions are hidden in off- shore acounts.
I mean the will power is just not there YET !

They are us …it’s about time we just took our inherent power back and changed the course of history.

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We should’ve heeded the two Jimmy’s words decades ago.