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Condemning Inaction of Rich Nations, Oxfam Unveils Report Showing Climate-Related Disasters Displaced 200 Million People Since 2008

Maybe the Canadians will be as kind to us American climate refugees as we are to those south of the border.

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Chinese? I’m in China and they are not denying climate change here.

I never said they were, my post was meant to be a jab at Dictator Trumps Chinese Hoax nonsense.

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The numbers, I guess I’ll quibble with a little. Hurricanes have always had climate refugees. Monsoons have in recent decades displaced the poor in India who can only afford to build homes on land that floods half the year in that crowded country. I saw this in the countryside of the village where I stayed in 1982. In 1980 there were 780 million people in India. Now there are 1.3 billion and more. India has no room for their people unless they build fast and work on population control. Rising seas and storms are icing on the cake.

India is a patriarchal society ,a dominator culture .
Everyone aligns with old books ,old teachings .
Only when the divine feminine is realised and honoured will things change.

Girls and women in these type of religious authoritative society’s that dominate them must be able to self determine . Give them free education and then watch the birth rates fall.

Corruption of the mind is our biggest problem , and those old beliefs seriously corrupt .

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I guess that a big reason for candidates like Bernie to rise. The public all needs well-directed education to deal with the many crises facing the world. Hopefully this education will not be wasted on rocket-building, poison making, petroleum development, and the making of war materiel.