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Condemning Our Grandchildren to a Real-life Video Game


Condemning Our Grandchildren to a Real-life Video Game

David Goldstein

Over the past seventeen years or so the temperature of the Earth had climbed from about 0.75 to 0.9 degrees Celsius above the pre-fossil-fuel era baseline. Last year was the hottest year recorded, coming in at a full 1.0C above baseline. Then last week something shocking happened – the “mild fever” crossed two “lines in the sand” and took a jump into an entirely new territory.

"As things now stand, we are on track to possibly hit 4C warming by the 2060s. This world would be different than anything you or I or any human in history can understand."


Who gets to hold the screw to the carburetor blending the hubris with the sunlight? As the old commercial said, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” This can’t end well…


This is more realistic. Guy McPherson argues that the amount of fossil fuel emissions released has not yet produced a net effect. He argues further that this massive detritus is already IN play and will raise the planet’s temperature substantially.


There is a NASA whistleblower who believes that all of the volcanoes (suddenly activated) and uptick in earthquakes are an expression of major changes to the earth’s magma fields. He believes that a POLE shift is coming up.


There’s another problem with the geo-engineering / technofix fantasy. The ability to deploy sky whitening SO2, or any other fix requiring sustained management and reapplication is that it requires coordination and money. Massive amounts of each. Given the sorts of social and economic upheaval which is coming due to a far more extreme climate and weather system, predicted losses in the trillions of dollars, and ramping up rather than leveling out, it’s ridiculous to imagine ourselves or future generations having the wherewithal to mount and maintain such a response.


Besides the money, it will typically be entities like Monsanto and Bill Gates who “take charge” of this mission along with DARPA or some branch of the MIC.

How much respect for life do ANY of these entities have?

To put THEM (or the likes of them) in charge of humanity’s survival is like signing up for a Boy Scout Class with a serial killer.