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Condemning Police Conduct as 'Disgusting,' Federal Judge Bars Denver Cops From Using Chemical Weapons on Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/06/condemning-police-conduct-disgusting-federal-judge-bars-denver-cops-using-chemical


An Obama judge… Before we get to excited let’s wait and see if the order is upheld.


The difference between right and wrong, between justice and tyranny, between common decency and depraved indifference, between police acting to “Protect and Serve” and brutalizing the public - young, old, men, women, any gender ID - in a violent rage defended as “just doing my job and following orders” - that does not stand-up to scrutiny in any way, nor did that “just following orders” stand-up at the Nuremberg Trials.

Police departments do not hire people of conscience or intelligence,-those “too smart”; they are rejected as unacceptable to hire those that will “follow orders” without thinking, even to abusing, brutalizing and using deadly force - killing citizens and others who run afoul of their mindless, unreasoning institutionalized violence and supposed “fear”…

I say it again!
“Humanity many times has had sad experiences with super-powerful police forces……As soon as (the police) slip out from under the firm thumb of a suspicious local tribune, they become arbitrary, merciless, a law unto themselves. They think no more of justice, but only of establishing themselves as a privileged and envied elite. They mistake the attitude of natural caution and uncertainty of the civilian population as admiration and respect, and presently they start to swagger back and forth, jingling their weapons in megalomaniac euphoria. People thereupon become not masters, but servants. Such a police force becomes an aggregate of uniformed criminals, the more baneful in that their position is unchallenged and sanctioned by law. The police mentality cannot regard a human being in terms other than an item or object to be processed as expeditiously as possible. Public convenience or dignity means nothing; police prerogatives assume the status of divine law. Submissiveness is demanded. If a police officer kills a civilian, it is a regrettable circumstance: the officer was possibly overzealous. If a civilian kills a police officer all hell breaks loose. The police foam at the mouth. All other business comes to a standstill until the perpetrator of this most dastardly act is found out. Inevitably, when apprehended, he is beaten or otherwise tortured for his intolerable presumption. The police complain that they cannot function efficiently, that criminals escape them. Better a hundred unchecked criminals than the despotism of one unbridled police force.” – Jack Vance


See the GoFundMe, for a Black-trans-USMC veteran beaten for curfew violation (stacking COVID victims while Black).

We’d honestly TRIED to watch NY1’s “debate” to help Koch Industries’ DCCC wholly-owned subsidiary replace AOC with some dead-eyed Comcast Nazi CNBC slavering Wall Street churl named Caruso-Cabrera! “She’s against JOE BIDEN!!! She’s a Commie Jihadist FOR Antifa LOOTERS…” (Charter’s) monopoly NYC cable provider’s “moderator” did his job, of feeding her K&J Street, NeoConfederate cage-rattling “but, how shall we PAY, giving rioting thugs more FREE STUFF?”








As millions demonstrate against unjustifiable police shootings/killings, some forces are too far gone to deserve reform and must be dissolved; such a force is Vallejo, CA, where unarmed Latino Sean Monterrosa, kneeling with hands-up, was shot to death days ago . his murder isn’t the only one! Willie McCoy, 20-years-old sleeping in his car when [six cops fired 55 bullets in 3.5 seconds - also by the depraved Vallejo cops!

Breonna Taylor an EMT in Louisville; a 26-year-old aspiring nurse was killed in her own apartment, shot at least eight times by cops executing a drug warrant - the wrong apartment, wrong address! Many other examples of police depraved indifference as well!




Excited isn’t the word I’d use to describe my response. More like the emotion one has upon recognizing a bullshit ruling.

All that’s needed is for the supervisor to give the order on the grounds that they that thought they saw something that looked like destruction of property.

Jackson’s order allows Denver police to use chemical agents and some projectiles against demonstrators “if an on-scene supervisor at the rank of captain or above specifically authorizes such use of force in response to specific acts of violence or destruction of personal property that the supervisor witnessed.”


BTW: Just how MANY poor, Black, Hispanic, immuno-compromised COVID victims have been gassed, tased, beaten and incarcerated in packed, filthy holding tanks, returning from “essential” 1099 gigs, without “beloved employer-supplied” insurance?) When you begin to type these corporate tropes, Google’s spell-check thoughtfully completes your thought FOR you, in corporate-ese!

New COVID-spreading/ wilding looter trope in 5… 4… 3…


~https://gothamist.com/news/thousands-of-cops-now-packing-triple-strength-pepper-spray (It’s NASTY!)


Break down the police state! People Power! Workers Unite!


When will we realize that citizens outnumber police units of any kind? I know it isn’t a probability but if everyone flooded the streets, we would outnumber the guards, the military, the police, and then what? It’s worth trying to settle this atrocity once and for all. We must take back our country.

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A hint to the po-po who wonder why no one respects them:

It’s your culture of corruption, violence, and abuse of power.
It’s your refusal to adopt de-escalation tactics that just aren’t that hard to learn.
It’s the long and growing list of multi-million $ payouts to those you’ve abused.
And it’s the DOJ having to supervise so many of your po-po forces because you need babysitting.

Hope that helps.

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Watch Amazon start to produce the summer weight super breathable & far more efficient KF-AD masks, right as the protesters’ loved-ones all begin crowding ER triage tents, over-lapping “essential” workers, infected by gun-totting goobers waddling in, coughing bloody phlegm on Black & Latinx replacement 1099 temp/ contingency gig-workers?



The police are taking their last chance to beat people up. They must know what’s on the horizon. America won’t stand for it anymore and we won’t stop protesting until violent jerks are expelled from every police force in the nation. I know there are good cops but why don’t they police their own?

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But Trump, speaking in Maine, has declared himself the “Law and Order President”.

Doesn’t the USA have a policy towards leaders who gas their own citizens?

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And meanwhile Trump is barricading himself inside our White House (maybe name needs to be changed). Large iron fence and concrete Jersey barriers and guards. Maybe, just maybe, hiding in his bunker, he will see fit to use cyanide.

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Jake, while the straight reporting on militarism (qua para-militarism) actions are well described, there is a seminal factor which single-issue reporting misses:

Although this report, focused as it is, only on the ‘militarist’ sector of this far broader and more dangerous 6-sectored Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire — needs to be broadened to the entire metastasizing cancer of hidden and camouflaged Empire, which pulls faux-Emperor Trump’s Chucky-doll strings:

Since few investigative journalism articles mention the underLYING cancerous cause of EMPIRE, ‘we the American people’ may well not be fully ‘Woke’, but I’ll try here anyway:

I’ve been thinking about a way to diagnose, explain, and simply connect not only the BLM righteous and essential protests, but also Coronavirus (which I call Covid-45 qua Emperor Trump), the crashing economic and unemployment damage he is creating, along with his misuse of deadly policing even military powers, which could possibly reach to the level of the 1930s Nazi ‘Brown Shirt’ SA level.

So I’ve decided to augment my 2017 double-sided signs, that I used every week in Portland Maine and Portsmouth NH., which simply said:

“Our Revolution”

and on the other side:


with these new double-sided signs:

with -->

and on the other side:


if they have it, they will use it.

This is not just about policing anymore,” “This is about the grievances of a whole generation, about the direction of the country, the failure of both political parties, the economic crisis, the environmental crisis.”

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This is definitely a step in the right direction.

It is time to recognize Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech and Assembly – and the damage of chemical weapons, especially in this time of pandemic. When COVID affects the lungs these chemicals are even more dangerous than usual!

Most of the comments on this topic speak of a problem of over-policing.
A wider angle view shows us that in some parts of the world policing gets so bad that alternate, anti police groups are formed. Then they become armed. Then they start actually fighting back. Then there is whole or clandestine killing galore.
I don’t think our slope is that slippery, but it’s worth thinking about.

Fun little article from the IACP/Police Chief online rag. Some background to hiring problems in modern law enforcement. topics include relaxation of past offenses, changing attitudes of millenials (really?) and increased in violence within communities.

h ttps://www.policechiefmagazine.org/a-crisis-facing-law-enforcement-recruiting-in-the-21st-century/