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Condemning Pompeo Warmongering, Sanders Says 'Attack on Saudi Oil Is Not an Attack on America'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/19/condemning-pompeo-warmongering-sanders-says-attack-saudi-oil-not-attack-america


It’s so obvious that Trump and the U. S. MIC is looking for an excuse to go to war with Iran. They’ve wanted to do that ever since the 1979 revolution overthrew their puppet, the Shah. They want to re-impose another U. S. controlled regime there, because, well, our oil just happens to be under their soil. While I absolutely hate their theocracy, we have no right to overthrow their government, which is how this mess started in 1953. I hope Iran bitch-slaps Donnie to Hell.


And Venezuela has a similar problem.


There’s a false flag flying over the WH and it looks like it’s of vintage and Medieval Christian design, possibly from The Crusade(s).
Three " wise guys " are saluting this odd-looking colored cloth and, scroll covered banner. Then the fat one turns and says, " let us go drink a toast. "

Three guys walk into a Washington hotel bar; a middle-aged Jew , a young Arab sheikh and an old fat white guy in a cheap blue suit who’s carrying two large buckets of gold dust. The hotel bartender says, " what can I get you gentleman? "
The three answer as one, " a pitcher of Kool-Aid, glasses and a huge bag of suckers. "


Very interesting parable you have come up with, like it very much!

This type of stuff is far more difficult after Iraq. People have seen this movie, and these people are amateur propagandists. The internet is far more powerful now, so it isn’t as if the corporate media has the same impact it once did. I have to say, in regards to Orwellian propaganda, these people are third rate. Blame it on the recently departed war criminal Bolton though. His horrible war in Iraq made it harder for the war profiteers to launch us into conflicts. A number of Democrats, however, are on board, and could you imagine what horrors Biden would unleash if this country was brain dead enough to give him power? I don’t want Trump, Biden or Warren to have power, as all of them are very problematic in this area, and all of them would at least do Israel’s bidding with stuff like this. No thanks.


Along that line of reasoning, a pigeon could not fly from Iran without being detected by our radar, satellites and other sensors. That is the most closely monitored area in the world so where is the evidence? Oh, I forgot - all we need is for the Saudis to say it is true.


Donny’s string are pulled by Israelis inside our government and out from Tel Aviv.


Trump ought to let Pompeo the Bolton way.

This administration can even fuck up a false flag operation. Want to trust any war plans?
The “New World Order” project isn’t complete without Iran. What a head scratcher for trumpenstein.
Good for reelection, or bad for reelection. That is the question.

Of course the big issue here is now the start in ernest of AI warfare. After years of USA terrorizing multiple countries with drone bombing now the horse is out of the barn and this will come back to haunt the US. Thanks Obama. Now the Middle East has drone ability in many hands. China has been selling. The US is selling.
An all out conflagration is potential and scary. The Axis is USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel,?Brazil and a few others. . The Allies will be the rest of the world.
And drones can be launched at sea to reach our shores.

" If you want a war come to Congress to make your case". Bernie.

Make your case for war with Iran? I like you Bernie, but how can any case for war with Iran ever be condoned and of course we know Congress will be a rubber stamp.

That could very well happen, because one thing that always seems to be left out of the war on Iran narrative, is a war on Iran could end up being a war on Iran’s ally…RUSSIA!

Syria has to see Trump’s, MBS and Likud’s rattle can spray painting ( gov’t agitprop now =s " tagging " ) on the walls. As does Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. " An enemy of my enemy is my friend " blah, blah, blah…
They’re all nucking futs, imo.

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Well, if those with power want war, we have limited capacity to stop them if we simply work within the corrupt, broken beyond repair avenues they have established. But, the benefit of bringing it before Congress is to put the responsibility on politicians, instead of many of these rats supporting war but then getting to pin it all on Trump when it all goes to hell. It also would be in line with the constitution, not that it matters tons anymore. The Democrats are funny, if you want to call it that. They often critique Trump for good reason, engage in conspiracy theories at times in regards to things like Russia, point (correctly) to the danger he poses, then they voice support for him having more powers to spy on us, to start wars and many back his aggression towards countries like Venezuela. Just shows that we don’t have any opposition or a party worth a damn in this system. Personally, I think most Democrats are about as useful as a wet pile of socks. But, if many of these worthless ghouls had to put their name on the line in backing him, they would probably back off of aggression. What we have done to Iran already in regards to the sanctions is inhumane. This country is morally bankrupt, and it isn’t just those in power, it is who continues to put them in power.

SOOOOO DAMN TRUE! That is why for years I have supported the Green Party and have labeled the Democratic Party; especially, when it comes to illegal wars… the fake opposition, party.


Yemen is so important to the Oiligarchy because a pipeline and shipping port from there weakens Iranian power over the shipping thru The Strait of Hormuz. So say my buddies, anyway.
" Follow the money, always be following the oil…er, I mean the money. "
Translation: The Houti rebels are up to their necks in alligators. The Iranians are now up to their arses in alligators.
So it goes…

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And what more proof does one need that your post is correct than what most progressives know: BERNIE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE FOR THE DNC NOMINATION FOR POTUS IN 2020. and yes I am yelling!


If Bernie becomes president and his only accomplishment is to undo the corrupt bargain the USA has had with the House of Saud since FDR, then a great service will have been done.