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Condemning Secret FISA Court, Chelsea Manning Pens Bill from Military Prison



Amazing courage and conviction. The document itself framed with common sense, and a clarity of brilliance.


Finally, Chelsea is writing and doing something other than bellyaching about not getting her gender reassignment surgery from the US Army while in prison. If they started now, the LGBTQ community could easily raise the funds and recruit from the medical community the necessary expertise to make Chelsea's fondest dream come true in the 35 years before Chelsea gets to live life on her own terms.
Meanwhile, Chelsea is using her mind for some constructive alternative to challenge the situation which led to the complications she is now facing.


Manning, against all odds, manages to actually produce a proposal for reducing violations of privacy/civil liberties and your response is she's finally doing "something other than bellyaching about not getting her gender reassignment surgery from the US Army while in prison."

Could you be more of an ass?

I'd say no but, given your posting history, there may still be depths you haven't plumbed.


Before you engage in ad hominem attacks on me, consider why Chelsea is in prison in the first place. Hint: it wasn't for wishing to have gender reassignment surgery. Manning's transgenderism is a spurious side issue that detracts from the more serious effort made by Manning to expose the lying hypocrisy of everyone from the US military to the White House staff running that abominable war and occupation of Iraq.
The outing of the slaughter of innocent civilians by attack helicopter pilots in specific contradiction of their orders and the policies for dealing with the occupation of Iraq by the US Army in the name of all the citizenry of the US is something that should concern all of us.
Chelsea's desire for elective gender reassignment surgery while incarcerated is a personal and private matter that should not concern anybody else.


Prisoners have the right to not have cruel and unusual punishment. One aspect of that is denying medically necessary healthcare. There is a long standing consensus that gender confirmation medical treatment, especially hormone replacement therapy, is medically necessary for those who are Transsexual.

Chelsea's is being denied hormone replacement therapy. I have no knowledge that she has been asking for gender confirmation surgery. She simply wishes to be able to transition, including having a female norm hairstyle and female clothing.

If by 'elective' you mean it is not necessary, then you are mistaken.


There should be no defense for moral decay in America.