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Condemning Trump's Pardons for Blackwater Murderers—and Illegal, Unjust, Unending War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/26/condemning-trumps-pardons-blackwater-murderers-and-illegal-unjust-unending-war


There is no excuse for Drumpfs pardons.

The only thing that can be said is, "If you give a criminal the right to pardon others, they will pardon other criminals."

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Especially criminals who are part of the GOP, the largest and most successful organized crime syndicate in history.

Connecting the dots on this one is elementary…Blackwater godfather Erik Prince and his sister Betsy Devious are one of the more prominent crime families in this mob.


Those pardons are indicative of the kind of country that were living in.

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Even worse, war criminals like George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barrack Obama, Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, Gina Haskel, John Brennan, et.al. don’t need a pardon because they are never charged.

Humans are on the verge of change. 25% of humans are spoiling the genome, like a few rotten apples in a barrell. All of us will rot unless we can isolate the 25% that have already turned, yes like apples and zombies. Can the 25% be saved? How? Why? Is there a Doctor in the house? A Magician? The 25% represents greedy assholes. Capitalism is like the Roadrunner where he tries to go through a fake mountain tunnel at 90 miles an hour and splatters.
That’s the way that God planned it.

The people you list have the blood of millions of innocent victims on their bloody, hands! They are indeed Amerikan, war criminals.