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CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES 2: The Democratic Establishment is Sleepwalking Toward Disaster, And Sander Supporters are Letting Them Do It


CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES 2: The Democratic Establishment is Sleepwalking Toward Disaster, And Sander Supporters are Letting Them Do It

John Atcheson

Bernie Sanders is trying to start a revolution, and if ever there was a country in need of one, the US is it. But his defeat in South Carolina and the polls heading into Super Tuesday suggest the revolution is in jeopardy.

A quick look at the other candidates in the race tells you how desperate we, as a nation, should be for this revolution to succeed.


Well said Mr. Atcheson. Hillary is the status quo candidate, Donald the status quack candidate, and Bernie the "give it back" candidate. Not a hard call to anyone who's awake.


We can’t have a revolution if no one shows up, so get up off your asses and vote. We cynics gotta believe. In Bernie Sanders we have a shot at snatching our country and our government back from the PACsters. It’s possibly our last shot. So get the hell up off your ass and vote. Even if you think it’s futile, do it.

We can't have a revolution by voting alone. It's this kind of statement that does a disservice to movement organizers and Sanders himself. Sanders knows a peoples movement doesn't happen in the ballot box. Atcheson should have directed folks to the streets, because the last thing that brings about change is the ballot box, and then only incrementally.

There are people in the streets demanding economic, social, and environmental justice. If you stand with Bernie, go stand for him with those in the streets, cast your ballot, and get back into the streets. That is what a revolution, a movement, looks like.

And as for our last chance, We the People can make our own history without permission from the corrupt Republican and Democratic parties.


Thanks, Mr. Atcheson! Did you hear that, young people out there?

The world needs you now! Thank you so much for your support. Now make sure it takes a high priority in your life--it's for a very short time--just to get Bernie nominated. Then we can celebrate and the work will not be nearly so hard to get him elected. I know right leaners who are behind the Bern.


The flip side of this coin is what the Republican turnout will be if Clinton gets the nomination. Few public figures are so reviled and hated in right wing circles as Hillary Clinton. A Clinton nomination will bring Republicans out of the grave to vote against her. I know a number of Republicans who say they aren't crazy about Trump, but they'll vote for him just to defeat Clinton. The DNC is either unaware of this or too greedy to turn down the money Clinton brings to the party.


"JFK to 911, Everything a rich man says is a trick", will really get people thinking and possibly understanding how rich, powerful, controlling people cover their bets on each side. Bernie Sanders is 'our' opportunity to begin breaking out of this plutocratic-oligarachy form of government we now have. The Establishment has to be broken if Democracy is to have any chance of succeeding under our Constitution!


First, HRC is 8+ in Massachusetts. Second, given South Carolina and other races, the road to hell is paved with identity politics.


However true this is, don't lay it all at the feet of lazy supporters. Corporate Media (hand in hand with the DNC) is doing everything it can to suppress Bernie's campaign:


I urge everyone to help get the word out: Bernie Sanders CAN win this election!
Don't let mainstream media control this election.


The Democrat establishment is out in force to ensure an overwhelming victory for Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday. The Democrat establishment has money, the Party machine, and large numbers of local Democrat government workers. Still, Sanders supporters can make a difference by getting out to work for the campaign.


I agree notwistalemon, to make it easier...
Here is s link.

And thanks.


Both parties are battling each other for control of the national purse and appointments which facilitate distribution of wealth and influence. When campaigners wax patriotic from the stump, they are, most often, applauded by other stumps.


Obama was a disappointment, but his administration is touted for making progress that is inconsequential, in my mind. The "occupy movement" provided hope that a revolution of the people was imminent, and then it was extinguished. Bernie's candidacy, I agree, may be the last chance to restore any semblance of democracy. It's going to bum me out for a long time if fails in trying to ignite this revolution. I'm still hopeful that more people will start paying attention.


I'm afraid that John Acheson is probably correct that this election may be our last chance to install a democratic government. The media has done an expert job at ensuring that no one knows who Bernie Sanders is, much less what his policies are about. The 24/7 coverage of Trump and the other Republican imbeciles has given the general populace the impression that it is Hillary versus the chosen Republican imbecile. There hasn't been a single serious discussion concerning the policies of Sanders, yet we have had millions of minutes of Trump coverage discussing such crucial issues as his hair style or just regurgitating his endless verbal gaffes. It is no wonder why most people still haven't heard of Sanders.
This election (I'm sorry to say, but Sanders won't win tomorrow) has proven to be an enormous victory for the 1% drowning democracy in the bathtub in the process. With Independents unable to run in most States now (as if the media would have introduced them to the public anyway!) and the corporate support of the Democratic Party ensuring that pro-democracy candidates are vetted early in the election process with the aid of corporate media, American democracy is officially dead. The next election might as well pitch Mickey Mouse against Goofy as the outcome is meaningless. My advice to all of the Progressives out there is try to leave the U.S. before the corporate dream of a 10 cent an hour wage, the proliferation of trailer parks from coast to coast, permanent unemployment with half the population living in privately run, forced labor prisons or else enlisting in the military to promote corporate fascism abroad will be the norm here.


Siouxrose introduced me to that documentary. I agree it is a must see. One recommendation to those interested in viewing that documentary, is to plan on splitting it up, watching it in 2 or 3 sittings because of the incredible amount of information to process.


I have to disagree here. The only way to change anything is to get a real reformer placed within the establishment. This is how the Soviet Union was transformed by Gorbachev in the late 80's. Without it, we will have to resort to extreme violence resulting in the 99% probably losing against the well armed minions of the corporate State. To destroy the Democratic Party is to prevent the same party from allowing Progressives to participate. The same can be said for the Republican Party. If Martin Luther King ran today as either a Democrat or a Republican, real Progressives would have voted for him regardless of his party affiliation. But once we remove our last hope of promoting a Progressive early on within the Party, we will have surrendered to the corporate State or else agreed to switch to violent upheaval if we want bring back a functioning democracy. The destruction of the Democratic Party would ultimately mean that we would just allow the Republican establishment to choose their corporate stooge every four years making it even more difficult for a real progressive to infiltrate the system.
Now if you mean that to "destroy the Democratic Party" by over hauling it and removing corporate stooges from within its ranks, then I couldn't agree with you more... except in your choice of words.


A ray of light: http://www.buzzfeed.com/natemcdermott/congressman-alan-grayson-endorses-bernie-sanders-after-onlin#.chYaV8vzx
84% of the 376,000


In many polling places it does not take much time to vote. In lots of others though one could be waiting in line for hours.

Why make this point. Well, this is just an example of why people have to do more than vote. They need to be active in their communities to make sure it is easy to vote everywhere. That is just one example.

In fact, people might be more likely to vote, if they are involved in their communities. And if they are involved in their communities, they will have more of a chance to create the communities they want than simply by voting.


" The only way to change anything is to get a real reformer placed within the establishment."

That was done a long time ago and the establishment took care of that problem in November of 1963 when JFK turned on the establishment that enabled him to become POTUS. The Democratic party was destroyed a long time ago and has only gotten more fascist and corrupt since then and while I like Bernie, because he is a man with a track record of integrity; especially on domestic issues, from my perspective, it is like placing a reformer in the Mafia!


I think we who see the critical need for substantial, transformational reforms and smashing the oligarchy & vulture capitalism, regardless how difficult, may not be to destroy the Dem Party, but to destroy the party hacks, the party collaborators, big-money whores and agents of the oligarchy - to take-over the party to effect progressive goals and agenda. Clearly that's a tall order, but doable given a dedicated and active grass-roots base - and a lot easier than creating support for a third party. Expel the DNC/DLC corporatists!


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