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Confederate Sandwiches Matter


Confederate Sandwiches Matter

Change Comes Hard Chap. 824: Foiled in their attempts to remain in the slavery-amenable 19th century, a group of Confederate flag enthusiasts took to the defiant air with a small plane to protest a Richmond, VA. rally by activists against an international bike race route sprinkled with statues to Confederate leaders. The plane, triumphantly dubbed "The Confederate Air Force," trailed a banner celebrating their own inimitable heroes - which was, alas, misspelled.


Too bad there hasn't been a time machine invented yet. I would like to send these clowns back to the 19th century.
But then, a Bruce Cockburn song also comes to mind. :imp:


Funny. I went to Robt. E Lee high school. The school flag was the Confederate battle flag. All students at Lee (3,000) learned day one, the stars point down as in away from the north. You'd think these idiots would at least know which way to display the flag. They have it up-side down.


It's really getting scary when you consider how many stupid people are out there. When my wife and I go to Europe it's with a sigh of relief that we are getting away from the idiots for awhile. How did this happen? How did this country become so fucking stupid? Look at what the GOP candidates are saying. With all the problems this country and world have all they can talk about is homosexuality, abortion and Muslims. They don't even see that the bat-shit crazy clerk in Kentucky is pushing a kind of Christian Sharia law here in the US. They don't see that the Christian fanatics are absolutely no different from the Muslim and Zionist fanatics. They all believe the same hateful crap but they think they are different because they call their imagined gods by a different name and their magic books of "truth" by a different name. It's all bullshit whether it comes out of the koran, the bible or the torah


I can understand that one or two involved in this may have been "spelling challenged", but it must have taken a small army to get that thing up there, between the first "Golly, I got a good idea", and the actual execution of said good idea. You'd think somebody would have picked up the mistake. But a lot of people commenting on CD can't spele tu gud either.


I'm a big Bruce Cockburn fan. What song are you referring to? Just curious.


When I see the Confederate flag, I yell out: We whipped you before and we can do it again.

Sam Abrams


I actually agree with the statement that was flying. Not in the way that they would appreciate though.

If you can call traitors 'heroes' then it matters what you do for a living. Dig ditches, fine. Run the country, fuck no.


Perhaps they meant to say "Confederate Zeros Matter."


Flatman, ever heard of dyslexia? No? Didn't think so.


"If I had a Rocket Launcher", I presume....


I have often had to consider the power of stupid people in groups. This kind of self proclaimed stupidity is considered a badge of honor. They are saying that science doesn't matter, that it hasn't mattered from Darwin forward. That all scientific theories are just more opinions and that the opinions of self proclaimed stupid people carry the same weight as scientific theory. This kind of stupidity is the end result of the endless hours of mindless babble that the media has given to its viewers and listeners. It goes back to the British and their hate for the provincials. It is a hanger on from the days of the divine right of kings. And it is used most effectively today by the minions of the confederacy in their visions of the American Theocracy. As has been said before, "Nothing good is gonna come from this."


What was that about a confederacy of dunces?


I presumed the same song! Loved it then; still love it today!


Too bad Zimet can't do an article on her tribe's involvement in slave ships and post civil war carpet-baggers.....betting this will be deleted...