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Confession or Coercion? Obama to Deliver Oval Office Speech on Sunday Night


Confession or Coercion? Obama to Deliver Oval Office Speech on Sunday Night

Common Dreams staff

For only third time during his two terms in office, President Obama will make a live televised address from the Oval Office on Sunday night in what is expected to be a speech devoted to the issue of what is often called "national security" following announcements from U.S. law enforcement that they are treating a mass shooting in San Bernadino, California last week as a possible example of "international terrorism."

The White House speech will be carried live (watch below) beginning at 8:00 PM ET.


Is he also going to announce a "great victory for 'freedom'" in Venezuela?


He could justify a "state of emergency" for 3 months, giving the police the "right" to enter anyone's home without due process.


Some the right are using the fact that one of the San Bernardino attackers was a native born US citizen, the Paris attackers were French citizens, to push for increased surveillance to find 'homegrown' terrorists.

I am not aware of in depth studies on the individuals who have carried out these attacks, but there appears to be some potential commonalities - sentiments of marginalization, identification as/with victims of government policy and/or wars, a sense of the inability to effect change through non-violent means.

I would like to hear President Obama call for reflection on what it is in US (and Western) nations that enables people, native born and otherwise, to get to the point that they are able to justify that taking of their lives and the lives of others.


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If the amerikan people want to stop terrorism and "Feel safe again" all they need do is take away the Presidents authority to deploy troops outside of the United States without an official "Declaration of War from the US Congress. No Authorization for the use of Military Force, a full Declaration of War. There, don't you feel safer already?


Actually, if we want to get rid of world terrorism, all we would have to do is get the poor and disadvantaged out of Warshington DC and the vicinity of the Pentagon, then surround and isolate both of them. Then, We the People should go in and dig the rats out of their holes, or bury them in them, and proceed to reestablish our Constitutional Republic, selecting only those people who will actually represent their constituency. A good housecleaning of Wall Street and its environs wouldn't hurt, either.
* The trillion$ saved could be used to repair the damage the Reich's, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, and the Israeli/Saudi Terrorist group has caused, both at home and abroad.


Easy Peasy!
All you need is a veto proof majority in both the House and the Senate!
Congress Grows A Spine

.. but you're right .. take war-making out of the oval orifice ..



In an insincere and patronizing way.


I doubt it. Obama's too spineless and too wrapped up in his own duplicity for that.


Yep. He's going to cave in further to his neo-con advisers and announce some half-measure folly to double-down on his Syrian screw-ups and pretend to go after the IS while secretly aiming to partition Syria.

We'll see.


"Much of the reporting ahead of Obama's speech focused on how the president is likely to urge Americans to "not give in to fear," which is how Lynch characterized what she knew about his intentions"

Rich, considering the govt is "exceptional" at creating just that: Fear--here and abroad.

"Confession or Coercion?" Or simply Cunning.


Yeah, I've often pointed out that, when the decision was made to locate the Capitol, there was some prime farm and grazing land available, and also some worthless swampland, probably owned by some politician's brother-in-law.
* Naturally, the swamp was selected and bought and DC was built.
* What was forgotten is the fact that in a dairy, the cream rises to the top. In a swamp, the scum rises to the top. So the die was cast and the scum has been rising to the top ever since, with a few notable exceptions.
* We need to drain the swamp and clean up the scum. Then, perhaps, We the People can rebuild the nation as it was intended.


Mr President- Question for you: What is your plan to radicalize more terrorists?
1. Continue our Drone program.
2. Increase bombings of wedding parties and hospitals in the Middle East.
3. Expand our bootprint of Military Bases throughout the world, especially the fertile ground of Africa.
4. Expand our domestic program of militarizing the civilian police force here in the homeland.
5. Expand the number of refugees at the same time of providing no refuge for them.
6. Expansion of the bombing program of Syria bringing in more countries to join the action.

....war begets war, radicals beget radicals....


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If it's any consolation, I was all set to watch Once Upon a Time until the obadrone decided to use that time to tell his latest fairy tale! I was so angry I had to bake some brownies to deal with it! :angry: At least you got to avoid it completely! :smile:


I agree, but too bad there are so many brainwashed fools in America that have been conned by BO and are being conned again!


Hillary could be worse than Obama.

If Bernie doesn't get the nomination, there could be a much better alternative than letting Trump win. Jesse Ventura is thinking of running as an Independent:


Pres sez: "Here's what I want you to know."

Interesting sentence construction. I'm not convinced it means the same thing as, "Here's the truth."


Your list of commonalities are shared by most sane people paying attention, sans the implied willingness to engage in violence.