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Confessions of a Lifelong White House Protester


Confessions of a Lifelong White House Protester

Frida Berrigan

Like the rest of the world, I woke up to the nightmare of a President Trump on Wednesday. But the first noise I heard that morning was the laughter of my daughters Rosena and Madeline — that quiet early morning gurgle of giggles that sisters make without even thinking, that delight of being alive and together and wholly comfortable. My son Seamus was still in bed, singing to himself “oh the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord,” as he played with his pillow and snuggled himself deeper into the warmth.

“They don’t know,” I thought in horror. “They don’t know.”


Thank You Frida Berrigan for all that you have done for us (US) all these years. You are truly an unsung hero. Peace.

Philip Smith


Thank you again. You are speaking truth to power, and that power is violence. I am just a bit older.

During my entire life, this country has terrorized its citizens, (mostly those who fight, supposedly for "us" whoever that is) as well as those it calls our enemies, from one pointless war/military "action" to another. We have emboldened tyrants the world over.

We have killed over 150,000 in Mexico within just the last ten years because we created the worldwide war on drugs. That is almost triple our own losses on the long black wall, a testament to those used as pawns in the game of death in Vietnam, and yet that war was decades longer.

When bombs from the USA pilots rain down in the middle of the night upon innocent civilians--that is the very definition of terrorism. In fact, in any war, both and all sides become terrorists, because war is nothing more than entities attempting political change through fear/hate/murder. War is just organized murder, with terrorists fighting each other.

And yet, when we have a mass shooting by a white male Christian, the media and government refuse to call him a terrorist. Change the color of his skin, his religion, and then he is a terrorist.

And saying you love Madeline's "tears and anger" shows wisdom beyond your years.

My oldest memory of War is when the Vietnam draft was being shown on TV. I was then maybe a year older than Madeline. One evening the draft calendar was televised, and I saw on that calendar--my birthday in black. Running to my parents in the kitchen, I said, "The TV says I have to be in the army."

Yes, my country terrified me at age 3, and has ever since then, but when Carter was president.

Thank you.


Frida , we love the Berrigan name and all it stands for and you who have fought for the rights of all. However, your over the top demonization of Donald reminds us of the MSM attempted take down of Trump. The desire to install another Clinton despite the will of the people to end the cycle of corruption from Poppy, to Slick Willie, the village idiot, Obama and Clinton again. ENOUGH! How much double dealing lies can a country take ? Jill was an ideal candidate But anyone but HRC.