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Confessions of a Panama Papers Hit Man


Confessions of a Panama Papers Hit Man

John Perkins

The Panama Papers should be no surprise. I was there in the 1970s, when the system they’ve exposed was set in motion. As an Economic Hit Man (an EHM), I helped forge this global economy that is based on legalized crimes. It’s a system in which 62 individuals have as much wealth as half the world’s population, and a handful of the super-rich control governments around the globe. Big corporations benefit from infrastructure and social services without having to foot the bill. Instead, average U.S.


I always go back to Gen. Smedley Butler when I realize that money has been weaponized so efficiently.


I still have my Bush/Noreiga 1988 T-shirt printed in response to the Bush 41 connection to Panama drug trade when Vice President Bush was running for president.


"Many will want to focus on the "arch enemies" exposed by the Panama Papers, like Putin, and on overpaid celebrities and athletes."

It appears there was no exposure of Putin in the Panama Papers - that's just a choice bit of western propaganda:

"Despite the headlines, there is no evidence of Putin’s direct involvement—not in any company involved in the leak, much less in criminal activity, theft, tax evasion, or money laundering."


If one does a worlds ricest people list Vladimir Putin is listed at having some 60 billion dollars. There absolutely NO evidence of this. It just a number some people came up with. That media has been at this a LONG time.

Mr Perkins point out that some 60 people control half the worlds wealth. In real terms it means all of those Corporations that we THINK seperate from one another and that are competing in this thing called "the Free market" are owned or controlled by the same small group of people. Through the concept of "shares" a shareholder can have a stake in Ford, GM, Fiat , BMW , Toyta and Volvo all at the same time. The same is true with Oil and with agriculture and the media and virtually every sector of the economy.

This is also true of our respective Political parties with those that contribute monies acting as shareholders in the Democratic Party, the Liberals or the Conservatives as the Goldman Sachs of the world ensure they contribute some amount of monies to each.

When a Putin singled out as is being done by the Western media, it not so much the corruption they are concerned about, George Soros after all also uses tax dodges, it is about that one small group of peoples seeing him as a threat to their own power.


And there are none that feel as threatened as our elected terrorists and those in control of them.


Of course. And the propaganda is so blatant and obvious that one wonders if it's being written by third graders.


These discussions are very interesting but when is the other shoe going to drop, you know, the one that exposes ALL of the world's hidden assets that are accumulating while those keeping it hidden impose austerity on the citizens due to lack of funds to manage each country's financial responsibilities. Sort of a quadruple whammy, first by paying workers a stagnant salary, second by taxing them over and over, third, by using their taxpayer dollars to subsidize some of the same companies who are off-shoring their gains, then creating big financial schemes that need (again) taxpayer dollars to bail them out and no one is ever held accountable, except the poor taxpayer who tries to beat the system & who gets to sit it out in jail. It really will need a revolution to create a more equitable financial system.


"Torrijos died in 1981 in a plane crash many believe was orchestrated by the CIA."
Cui bono?

"Since then, Panamanian administrations have remained a puppet of U.S. business interests, and the country is a tax shelter for the super rich."


So we could also say that a racket is or feeds war, no?


It probably doesn't. The system requires a lot of faith, so we shall have to infer from examples while leaders claim that all is worse on the other guys' boat.

You will notice, for instance, that while Perkins releases quite a bit of information, we do not get names--or not of anyone but pre-deceased victims, and then only a very few.


the last two paragraphs of the [cliffhanger gadfly] 'article':

"Kontrol, the special Russian variety of control In sum, my thinking is that this could have been a Russian intelligence operation, which orchestrated a high-profile leak and established total credibility by “implicating” (not really implicating) Russia and keeping the source hidden. Some documents would be used for anti-corruption campaigns in a few countries—topple some minor regimes, destroy a few careers and fortunes. By then blackmailing the real targets in the United States and elsewhere (individuals not in the current leak), the Russian puppet masters get “kontrol” and influence.
If the Russians are behind the Panama Papers, we know two things and both come back to Putin personally: First, it is an operation run by RFM, which means it’s run by Putin; second, it’s ultimately about blackmail. That means the real story lies in the information being concealed, not revealed. You reveal secrets in order to destroy; conceal in order to control. Putin is not a estroyer. He’s a controller. "

Seems the only appropriate response is "And?..."


Perkins got rich then got conscience. I guess better late than never.


We really need a revolution if we want justice on every front.


"The revelations of the Panama Papers are one more indictment of a failed system that I know only too well. It’s very possible these latest revelations are the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back and encourages us to understand that we have a responsibility to ourselves and future generations to reverse this terribly destructive course.

Can it be reversed?"

It can only be reversed by a cap on personal wealth.


He actually had a profoundly deep ayahuasca experience that turned him around.


Endorse Bernie, John! Apologies if you already have.


This is what happens when all of the high paying jobs are given to rich kids who did not earn them. Remember Yum Foods started a Vietnamese Restaurant Chain last year that sells Vietnamese sandwiches, Pho and other items. The people in charge of marketing choose the Communist Vietnamese symbol used during the Vietnamese "Conflict" for their trademark until the hardliner Vietnamese in this Country complained.


Like Hillary's emails, for national security reasons!


I concur, an important voice he's been. As to the new-aged-ness... that was part of his appeal for me at the time. Shamanism... hurrah! I understand your concerns, and let's keep an eye on things.