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Confidential Charter School Memo Blasted as 'Outline for a Hostile Takeover'


Confidential Charter School Memo Blasted as 'Outline for a Hostile Takeover'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A California billionaire is enlisting other wealthy backers in a $490 million scheme to place half of the students in the Los Angeles Unified School District into charter schools over the next eight years—a plan at least one critic says would "do away with democratically controlled, publicly accountable education in LA."


Thanks to Dubya and "no child left behind" the public school system has been degraded in order to make a for profit one more viable. And now this is being brought to completion. I think this has been the plan all along.


Interesting to trace the transformation of both the rise of charter schools and the oppositional thinking of Diane Ravitch. I take it the Washington Post is keeping as low an ostrich profile as possible.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Making a tidy profit from


There are at least two areas that should never be profit driven: education and prisons. If they are you get education McDonalds and prison hell.


See what comes from all this talk of neo-feudalism and serfs? Now they are trying it for real. Privatize people right from the get go! Quit all this fooling around and get straight to it.

I ain't saying m'lud or sire to nobody but then I'm old anyway.

Good luck kiddies... you might end up having a rougher time of things in the future then you ever thought.

Oh and don't forget to be pure and perfect and vote for the Green Party because you wouldn't want the anti-oligarchy candidate to win because he isn't perfect and all that.

Privatized ________ (fill in the blank) !!! Coming soon to a future near you!!!


"To submit a business plan that focuses on market share is tantamount to commodifying our children."

WTF...using children to make a profit. Insanity, barbarism, and outright evil are what motivates these .001% parasites to optimize profits. They and their investors see land prices in the LA area continuing to rise...buy up "closed" schools and the land they are on USING PUBLIC FUNDS, inflate the projected budgets for the charters to solicit more PUBLIC FUNDS (taxpayer money), watch real estate prices rise, and then choose a peak time to sell the land/buildings after the charter schools are shuttered (with little to no notice, mind you) thus leaving the public schools to take on those cast off students. They also close the schools without notice when they find that they are not making profits. Meanwhile, the greedy SOB's walk away counting their profits without looking back.

Charter schools are infamous for hiring UNQUALIFIED, INEXPERIENCED, UNCERTIFIED teachers whom they pay poorly (wages w/o benefits, etc.); are self-regulated (??...yeah, right) for the most part; and make profits using TAXPAYER MONEY (public funds). They could give a S- - t about the quality of education the schools provide...just as long as the investors make money. Many services that come with public schools such as busing, athletics, and clubs that parents take for granted, the charter schools CHARGE EXTRA FOR. Oh, and no free or reduced lunches and children with disabilities (learning or physical) or special needs need not apply. Hedge funds are also in the business of charter schools.

So much for compassion and caring for our nation's children and their future(s).


I would leave out "high class" based on what she did to the teachers, staff, and students at the schools in Washington, DC. She single-handedly closed 23 schools and left the district in shambles. She is also a big proponent of testing (she and her hubby's foundation are heavily invested in testing companies). The parents, teachers, and students were left picking up the pieces. And she simply moved to the SFO Bay Area where she and her husband "set up shop," as it were.

Oh, and by the way, Rhee never attended a public school as her parents were/are wealthy and sent her to elite, expensive private schools K-University.

Whore is too good a word for her.


You fail to appreciate how truly greedy these people are. Basically they are so cheap they do not want to pay for a private education for their children. They want the state to pay for it by taxing the poor with consumption taxes. For them you do not need education to create workers, you need more privatised prison reform and slave labour, where labour is actively physically abused to failing to serve the needs and ego of the rich.
They worship war, the worship law enforcement when it abuses the poor, the worship their own power and their ability to use and abuse others. Whilst they can not be called evil their acts most certainly are.


Well said. Charter Schools are private schools on the public dole. It's another one of those don't think of an elephant things. Private schools are generally elitist institutions of varying quality that are free to do what they want. So are charter schools, who skim the best and least problematic students from public schools. What a masterstroke to confuse Americans with this term 'Charter School' and con us into believing they are somehow comparable to a public school. Nothing could be further from the truth.


There already exists a "chain" of charters in LA. I always wonder. What did Americans think would ultimately happen with the commodification of everything in our society? In the long run, it backfires. We have an entire young generation here in Southern California who have already been shut out of a proper K-12 education. The schools are basically the final frontier for these horrid people.


Ravitch was an advocate of school 'reform.' But unlike many involved in that, she was smart enough to realize she was advocating something that wasn't really about helping kids get a good education and she did a 180.

She now is the leading voice against school 'reform.'


These folk behind charter schools actually want to end public education.


My daughter attends a charter school and it is among the best schools in the state.

It's in a rural area and outperforms every other school in the district.

It has dedicated teachers and staff. Its board is comprised of volunteers.

I have spent hundreds of hours doing volunteer work for the school, as have other parents.

What I see in the knee-jerk responses against Charter Schools is a failure to distinguish between non-profits and for-profits. My child is in a non-profit charter school. The Board and Administrator (a former teacher at the school) are trying to get the best teachers they can. They pay them as much as they can and try to provide an environment where the teachers and students thrive.

They aren't trying to cut-corners to improve profits.

The criticisms about about charter schools are absolutely correct when applied to most for-profit schools - and totally wrong when applied to non-profits.

Non-profit charter schools provide unique and innovative learning environments for their students. They can act as labs for new best practices for more traditional schools. They give parents educational options outside of traditional school systems that are often unresponsive to the concerns of parents and more focused on protecting entrenched bureaucrats.

So don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

There is a huge difference between for-profit and non-profit charter schools.

For-profits deserve your ire. Real non-profits don't.


For an interesting and informative n article about charter schools from the Roosevelt Institute (established by Eleanor and Franklin D Roosevelt), read more here: http://rooseveltinstitute.org/new-roosevelt/education-profit-darker-side-charter-schools

Be wary of the EMO's (educational management organizations) with whom the majority of charter schools contract for various "services." EMO's are FOR PROFIT, to be sure. Then the lines become blurred between for profit and non-profit.


Your experience with the charter group is an exception rather than the rule. Non-profit charter schools need to Beware of EMO's (Educational Management Organizations)...see my comment. In my state, it took a few years but the for profit charter groups managed to ram through an initiative to allow cs in the state (two cycles later). As it turns out, the state supreme court ruled that the CS are illegal under the state constitution. Only 8 have been approved to date but within one year, the "academy" in the largest city in the state misappropriated over $200,000 in public funds by overstating their budget proposal. Charters are treading on thin ice in my state and may soon be things of the past (if we can manage to keep the big corporate money/hedge funds at bay).


I don't see how you can say that. I've yet to see a comparison of non-profit and for-profit charter school graduation rates, college placement rates and test scores, or one that compares non-profit charter schools to traditional schools. They all lump the for-profit and non-profit charter schools together. Granted, to be accurate they'd need to somehow distinguish between actual non-profits, like the one my daughter attends, and scams set up to filter money to operators and corporations.

If you've access to any info that supports your claim as it relates to real non-profit charter schools please post the links.


Urban Charter Schools have been studied by Stanford University CREDO and you can find the study at: http://urbancharters.stanford.edu/download/Urban%20Charter%20School%20Study%20Report%20on%2041%20Regions.pdf

One telling statement in the report is:

6. Despite the overall positive learning impacts, there are urban communities in which the majority of the charter schools lag the learning gains of their TPS counterparts, some to distressingly large degrees. In some urban areas, cities have no schools that post better gains than their TPS alternatives and more than half the schools are significantly worse.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965) after the Brown vs. Board of Education SCOTUS ruling in 1954 (Thurgood Marshall was the attorney) together assured ALL children regardless of color/creed/means access to FREE public education across the nation. Privatizing public education undermines ELSEA...using public funds for essentially private schools is reprobate.

Charter schools in St. Louis, MO were shut down in 2012 by the state for corruption and abominable student achievement (http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/education/shuttering-of-imagine-charter-schools-in-st-louis-is-daunting/article_ec4adf66-bde4-5e11-91d2-baca703df156.html Granted, there have been changes made since but all should remain skeptical about privatizing education. Charter schools are known for NOT accepting children with special needs/past behavior problems/physical disabilities/mental challenges claiming all slots had been filled.

Oh, and by the way, how much does your charter spend on testing or administering state and federally mandated achievement testing that charter schools avoid? Just one of many exemptions granted charter schools yet they still can dip their hands into the public treasury.


A link to a report that doesn't distinguish between non-profit and for-profit charter school doesn't address what I posted.

At the school my daughter attends they take the same standardized tests as the rest of the district/state.

You're lumping non-profit and for-profit schools together as if they were the same thing.

They aren't.


Read it more closely as it DOES make the distinction.