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Confirmation of Latest Right-Wing Judge for Lifetime Post 'Should Send Shockwaves Across the Nation'


Confirmation of Latest Right-Wing Judge for Lifetime Post 'Should Send Shockwaves Across the Nation'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Highlighting the degree to which the Trump administration is reshaping the judiciary, the Senate on Tuesday confirmed Kyle Duncan—"a darling of right-wing social crusaders"—to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


Sounds like a wonderful nomination.

Those of us who stand for moral decency are sick and tired of the Leftist push to normalize degeneracy and immorality. The inability of the Left to understand basic human science is no reason to declare that red is green or a biological male is somehow magically turned into a female by the application of a little magic emotional fairy dust.

“Transgender” individuals need help, not faux confirmation that their emotional angst somehow creates a biological change in their ontology. Beginning with the lies of Alfred Kinsey and his utterly skewed and lying report on male sexuality, the Left has decided that normal sexual attraction is not good enough. The 1.7% of deviants in this country must be heard and the whole society must change to accommodate them. It is not enough that they be left alone to pursue their sexual desires in privacy - no, the whole world must bend to their wishes and children in kindergarten must be brainwashed into believing that which is abnormal is normal.

You can call us “right-wing social crusaders” or whatever other pejorative that comes to mind (I am certain I will field a vast number of such insults after this post) but the scientific facts remain - your desires, emotions, and psychological imbalances do not trump the reality of your biology. Your chromosomes determine who you are, not your state of mind.

I find it amusingly ridiculous that the same Left-wingers who decry the Right for not paying attention to science in regards to climate change and the ever-increasing obviousness of the increasing problems from pollution, will suddenly completely ignore science, natural law, and the reality of the body when it comes to sexual issues. When did our sexual choices suddenly trump science?

I will post these videos, but if even one person here watches them, I will be SHOCKED. The bottom line is you don’t want to hear the truth. You have an agenda based on lies, false “science” and the emotions of those whose lives you wish to emulate.

Fake Science and the Sexual Revolution:

The Origin of the Sexual Revolution:

Kinsey was a child rapist:


In addition to this right-wingnut there is “justice” Anthony Kennedy. Today in scotus oral arguments re: the third trump travel ban on predominantly Muslim nations and Venezuela said he “didn’t want to second guess the president”! Apparently Kennedy is quite willing and able to second guess the Constitution and other relevant law on discrimination to give trump a pass! Now that is astonishing even given the current right-wing slant of scotus!

Kennedy apparently has forgotten about or just ignores the rule law and US Constitution to serve the racist political agenda of the worst prez in US history!..and you call yourself a Supreme Court Justice!? FOR SHAME! I call BS!


The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (in case citations, 5th Cir.) is a federal court with appellate jurisdiction over the district courts in the following federal judicial districts:

Eastern District of Louisiana
Middle District of Louisiana
Western District of Louisiana
Northern District of Mississippi
Southern District of Mississippi
Eastern District of Texas
Northern District of Texas
Southern District of Texas
Western District of Texas

The court is one of 13 United States courts of appeals. Composed of 17 active judges, it is based at the John Minor Wisdom United States Court of Appeals Building in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the clerk’s office located at the F. Edward Hebert Federal Building in New Orleans.[2]


Never forget that this is what the DNC gave us by running an unpopular war monger and moving so far to the right that they started openly declaring anti-war and anti-wall street corruption people, “fringe.”

There is a huge liberal lean in this country and the DNC continues to fight it all the way. Heck, they threw us off their voting rolls.

Don’t even think of blaming Trump, we all knew that was held in the balance if he got in.

Debra Wasserman shutlz, voter role purging, super delegates the voters can’t get around, etc. It’s all DNC corruption that got us trump and this judge.Wake up. Vet. Vote green. It’s the only party the real left has left.


But no impeachment, no 25th Amendment removal, no emergency legislation to remove the obvious sociopathic fraud.
Just more shi*theel “judges” like this, for life.
Way to go.


No worries, Edward. Your side has accomplished this mission by its sociopathic preznit.


chapdrum, the dnc has left us NOTHING. And impeachment gets us pense. Read what that guy has said. He’s not just anti civil rights including abortion, he’s also a corporate war minion. He’s a corporate tool like Hillary only I haven’t seen him orchestrate an arms deal yet like HRC did for Saudi Arabia.


Hard to disagree.


As these right wing criminals continue to rise in government …

we could simply throw a large net over our Congress criminals approving these nominees.


Right wing criminals ARE the government, with rare exceptions. Some right wing criminals are called “centrist” by people that never explain exactly what they are in the center of.


I think you meant ontogeny.

You flat-out confuse me. On issues like plutocracy and anthropogenic climate change, you seem to be right in sync with this site. I’ve even liked some of your posts, and lauded your sarcasm.

Then, up pops abortion and/or sexuality, and Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde. You go off on people and call them deviants and so on. Who are you, really?


Centrists are in the middle of the pigs at the trough.


There is a distinct pattern to fascist ideology. One hallmark is to get the judiciary and jurisdiction under their control to suit their depraved intentions and goals…


The GOP’s grand plan is to stack the judiciary to the extent that the 1% and their corporations will be able to use their new tax savings to challenge in federal courts any legislation they don’t like. The right wing judges will rubber stamp their wishes. It won’t matter if Congress is comprised of 535 Green Party members, the legislative end game will belong to whoever can afford to take legislation to court and own judges.


I am an orthodox Christian believer. That is, one who is on the side of that which is true, regardless of emotions, political affiliation, etc.

This is the problem with being an orthodox Christian. To the Left, who espouse an “anything goes” attitude towards sexual morality, I am nothing short of Hitler, a deranged sociopath standing in the way of people being truly happy. I try repeatedly to explain the Church’s stance on sexuality from the perspective of natural law, that is, looking at the body as a mechanism and what that mechanism says to us. It is obvious from the construction of the body that male and female are anatomically related to fit together and perform a certain function, that of creating new life. Therefore, based on the construction of the body, any sexual expression outside this function in the union of marriage - which includes masterbation and Billy Bob and Sally in the back of Daddy’s Chevy - is out of sync with the design of the body. I say this because the bringing forth of new life is to be accompanied by caring for and taking responsibility for that which you have created, not abandoning it or aborting it.

It is sad that you cannot see this. Without even resorting to the idea of God as found in Christian scriptures, I can show the massive evidence of what 100 years of the so-called “sexual freedom” has done in this country to ruin the family, create massive divorce, the spread of lethal social diseases, and the killing of over 60 million innocent unborn. The approach to sexuality of the left is one of utter selfishness and callous unconcern for the results which such ideas have created. The black family in America has been devastated by these ideas, as seen by the current 70% of black babies who are born to a “single-parent family” unit and raised without a father. Yet the Left continues to push this immorality under the guise of “freedom,” ignoring these many facts that show that such license has created social and moral chaos in this country.

To those on the Right, I, as an orthodox Christian, am a stinking, nasty Commie for my suggesting that the rich should divest themselves of their wealth, that corporations are evil in what they do to trash our planet and destroy the lives of the people. As one person said, when I call attention to the poor, I am called a Christian, but when I call attention to the causes of poverty, I a called a Communist. For the Right, many times composed of “good Evangelical Christians,” it is as if Christ Jesus never said one word about the trap of riches, or that St. Paul said “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

I am called “unpatriotic” when I suggest that George Bush and his whole cooterie of criminals should be on trial in the Hague. I am excoriated by the Right when I stand up for those black football players who had every reason last year to “take a knee” and try to bring to the brain-dead consciousness of America what it means to be black in America.

As for my “going off” on people, that is perhaps a weakness on my part. You are right to call me out on this. I am human, and as such, I get infuriated by those who not only keep insisting that deviant behavior is normal, but are doing everything they can to push this agenda on children in school. Right here in Fairfax County Virginia, we are constantly doing battle with a school board that has introduced into the school system literature for their Sex Ed classes that is so filthy that when a legislator tried to read it in the general assembly he was warned to cease and desist or be thrown out. This angers me - not only for my sake, but for the sake of the children who will be hurt by such garbage. Do you really want to know what this stuff does to you? Read my link at the bottom of the page. It is my story of how this twisted sexuality destroyed my life. Millions of other lives have also been ruined. This stuff is like a pool of gasoline lying around and yet you guys insist on striking matches to it.

So yeah, I’ll try to dial it back a bit, but there is a reason it infuriates me, just as you get infuriated with the corporatists who continue to ignore every warning scientists are giving and trash the hell out of this planet. Simply put, there ARE things worth getting angry about. Leading children astray is high on my list.

Thanks for listening.


Joan –

Agree – except there is no such thing as “centrists” in our government …
because ALL liberals and moderates were removed from Congress long ago.

I’m with Howard Zinn … “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


CIA used NRA to attack all remaining liberals and moderates in Congress in both parties.
These were the most likely people to investigate government corruption and wrong-doing.
Most likely to investigate CIA, as well. Or anything else – like CIA coups, etal.


Oh, just curious. Did you bother to listen to the videos I posted? They are very informative as to where this stuff came from, including from Alfred Kinsey, a child molester whose lying “facts” have been embraced as “science.” The videos make all these facts very clear.

I don’t just throw this stuff up because I get some sort of sick jollies by appearing to you to be a jerk. What I oppose is not good for people, and I don’t want them to go through what I and millions of others have suffered through. Just as Common Dreams posts the articles they do to try to make people aware of things like the rich oppressing the poor, America destroying other countries on lies, the dangers of polluting the only world we have to live in, there is danger in unrestrained sexual expression.

Look, I care that people be happy and we have peace in this world. But if you or anyone else insists on living a certain sexual lifestyle, is there any reason that this cannot be kept within the walls of your own bedroom rather than going out to the world and insisting that we all embrace this without concern or protest? Do what you want…I will not knock down the doors of your bedroom to send in the Gestapo. And if you come to a point where you are finding that you are sad, depressed, and don’t like what you have chosen, I will be glad to share with you not only my Christian charity for you, but to tell you what helped me out of the ditch I dug for myself.


You have right-wing criminals and you have left-wing criminals.

To me, all of DC is criminals. Period. That’s why I turned in my Rethuglican Party voting card decades ago and am registered independent.

If the pants of liars really caught on fire, DC would look like Dresden in the middle of the bombing raids.


You make a good point…if only Bernie respected unborn life I was ready to vote for him.

The choice I was given was Satan and his ugly twin Sister. Sheeeesh!!!