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Confirmation of Steven Menashi to Federal Appeals Court 'Should Send Shockwaves Across America'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/14/confirmation-steven-menashi-federal-appeals-court-should-send-shockwaves-across

I wasn’t gonna comment on this article, but it just came to me just how corrupt the Senate Republicans are.

I wish we were all in feudal Japan, and I could give my life savings to the Seven Samurai and they would take care of this problem as quick as a hot knife going through butter.


It would be useful if someone from CD or elsewhere explained if there’s any redress possible. Can this assclown be removed from the federal court retroactively? I hope so, but probably not. Can he be removed for misconduct, failure to recuse, etc.?


It is possilbe to remove judges from the bench: https://www.yalelawjournal.org/article/how-to-remove-a-federal-judge


He looks like an alien trying to achieve human form.


We already know that Trump will stop at nothing to destroy our fragile democracy and what freedom we have. I really don’t wish good things for Trump. Hopefully his future includes a view…from behind bars.


Case in point. I just watched a cable host duke it out with a republican on the facts. This tells me that during an impeachment trial in the senate there will have be a (fact referee). Seems the repugs have alternative facts on any issue. Rozanna danna danna would puke on their misconstruing of the truth.

I always go back to Chuckles Schumer fast tracking 20 judges last December so that the Senate could go home for xmas. At a time when there is a need for a ruthless, Lyndon Johnson style Democratic in leadership, we’re stuck with a worthless clown who can’t lead his party down a one-way street without getting lost.


This confirmation should be Exhibit A in the case against McTurtle who had abandoned all pretense of caring about the country, instead opting for total ideological partisanship all the time. Shameful!


This Roseanne…


The one and only.

This judge seems to be a real brute.


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LBJ ??? you’re kidding ,no ? the man who did Vietnam after he and his amigos knocked off Jack. Do a little reading …

All of this is based on the pretext that we still have a Republic, which we do not.


“Shockwaves”?? Seriously, does anyone here think for one moment the gop wont confirm any asshat judge brought forward by their members or the Federalist Society? How can anyone be shocked, they put a drunken rapist on the SC for gods sake.


Have to disagree, Chuckles isn’t lost at all, it’s well calculated, delivering exactly what his kissing cousins on the other side of the isle want.


Would that it were true that they are on an isle.

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This has been the conservatives/libertarians plan all along. They knew there would be a shelf life of their political power, especially after they won in 2016 and went balls to wall in a frantic two year blitzkrieg to implement to remains of the brutal Reagan revolution. The only way they could guarantee that their disastrous smash and grab would stand the test of time was to pack the federal judiciary with “fellow travelers” that would maintain the new fascist status quo for at least a generation afterward.
This is exactly how it happened in Nazi Germany. First the nuts won some political power, then they changed the courts and the law to make their takeover legal.