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Confirmed: Chelsea Manning Running in Maryland's Democratic US Senate Primary


Confirmed: Chelsea Manning Running in Maryland's Democratic US Senate Primary

Common Dreams staff

"Yup, we're running"

Chelsea Manning: Whistleblower, Activist... Senator?


For any who call down “christian” fundamentalism and the bi-gender bi-polar strict word premise for the right to be a human being with dignity, reminders will be posted early and often as to the demonstrable evidence of the utter and complete failure of that hierarchy.

What there is of dignity, equity and social well being left in this country, is thanks to inclusion, resilience, dedication, love of life and clear intent to assure that for one and all.

Thank you Chelsea Manning for showing both male and female courage and fortitude; clear thinking and dedication; putting your shoulder to the wheel as example for all of us.


Chelsea Manning’s Republican opponent has 2 million $ set aside for his campaign?

Folks: we all need to financially support this fine ladies campaign!


Good for you, Chelsea! I am not a Democrat but will support your campaign in any way I can.


I voted for her (as a write-in vote) in the last midterms and for president in 2016 so now that she’s actually running it’s only fitting that I should vote for her again in my nebrasky midterms!!


go chelsea - could not be happier. this woman is one of my heroines!


Mine too!


Was also mentioning elsewhere the theory of Re-Incarnation which used to be taught
by all the world’s major religions … until it became inconvenient for Elites.

And among the many lives that we might lead over 100’s or a thousand lives … who knows?..
is that with each life your gender changes.

If you’re a male in this life you will return as a female.
And vice versa.



As usual, money decides who wins. Is that any way to run a country?

Direct Democracy


Her torturers did not succeed breaking her spirit. Go, Chelsea !!


A HUGE BRAVA to Chelsea Manning for her dedication, courage, and service to our republic above and beyond!!


On a technical matter, doesn’t her past conviction prohibit her from becoming a US senator? Last time she tried to enter Canada she was turned back due to her “criminal” record.


This Great News and please people if you can give money do so but don’t give it dnc because Chelsea will never see it. Give to her campaign only.


Her opponent in the primary with a $2 million campaign fund is the Democrat Incumbent.


In the current environment he’s gonna need a lot more than that to win against a transgender candidate that has been convicted of espionage against the US.


From what I understand she won’t be the only Chelsea running for a senate seat in Maryland. I was hoping for a battle of the Chelseas but it doesn’t look like they’re after the same seat.


Mea culpa. Thanks for the correction.


Not a Republican, but a Democrat.


Thanks Chelsea for preparing to retire an aging establishment Democrat from my home state of Maryland.

I am confident of your ability to excel as a Senator and will support you to victory.


Congratulations on running Chelsea. Best of luck to you. You will have an uphill battle ahead of you where both your opponents and the media will try to paint you as a “traitor” instead of telling the truth of what you did. Also watch your back around the DNC.