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Confirming Big Pharma Fears, Study Suggests Medical Marijuana Laws Decrease Opioid Use


Confirming Big Pharma Fears, Study Suggests Medical Marijuana Laws Decrease Opioid Use

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

It is of little wonder that Big Pharma has been exposed actively undermining efforts to legalize marijuana, after new research on Thursday found a drop in the use of opioid painkillers in that states that allow people to treat pain with good, ol' Mary Jane.


Notice; Marijuana recreational states: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, and D.C. have proven that Marijuana is superior to opioids on many pain issues. The Bright Side: Marijuana Stores are coming to your town soon!


The profit margin on opioids is much higher than on marijuana products, so expect big pharma to keep fighting against marijuana and promoting opioids.


Bernie/Ron Paul just announced their candidacy. When we wish upon a staaaar....


I know a whole lot of people both on these boards and elsewhere that have been claiming this the case for decades. Good lords we used to pull the shades down and say as much when we passed a joint around.

We were all labeled "nutty conspiracy theorists".

I say it made us prescient. :wink:


Ganja is also a soporific and has replaced my Ambien prescription, It works almost as quickly, lasts longer than four hours, creates no puzzlement about what happened in the kitchen last night, and the weird dreams are smother.


In the marijuana legal states, there is no more need to pull down the shades.


One squirt of THC/CBD tincture ( one to one ratio) almost instantly relieved my partners' nausea from chemo, nothing else recommended or prescribed touched it . I have never personally experienced or heard of anyone having to deal with constipation from any form of marijuana use . Just sayin


Typical of Big Pharma, they want to produce a knock off of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana but they cannot produce the cannibinoids that are also present. The cannibinoids are the healing and health benefit portion of the plant.
If it has a benefit for the people they have to step in and stop it. They, like the Governor of Colorado are heavily invested in alcohol or opioids. Colorado has had no problems since the law was passed to legalize. Fatalities on the highways have dropped, fewer school aged kids are using it than before and it has had a huge financial benefit for the state.
People like myself, that have chronic pain, find that not only does it help the pain but it helps take your mind off of the pain. This makes it a better choice than Nsaids or opioids with all their side effects.
People that use marijuana also drink alcohol less or not at all and take fewer pills. It's a win, win for all but the major corporations that prefer to create illnesses and death.


Here in NH you can hear, in the same news break on the radio, politicians complaining about the opioid crisis and complaining that state revenue from alcohol consumption is too low.


McCauley sez: "Insys is also currently developing a synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ..."

Ah, yes, the oh-so-successful Monsanto approach. Why allow just anyone to grow their own plants when we can monopolize production and distribution? With a little help from our proven stable of "lawmakers", of course.


Also, synthetic marijuana is currently being sold in places like gas stations. One college football player jumped out of a hotel window in Atlanta earlier this year after smoking synthetic weed. He would have been just fine if he was allowed to smoke real marijuana grown out of some soil, naturally.


California votes on recreational marijuana this November. California legalized medical marijuana in 1996 ( First State) The whole western side of the country will be legal very soon. Marijuana stores, people love them! Might have to move out west.


Yeah I hear you. The problem with opioids is that the doctors who prescribe them are walking a tightrope with the DEA too. I am a chronic pain patient who has been using morphine on and off for the past twenty years. Every now and then tolerance developed and no matter how much you take the morphine ceases to work. I just recently hit that threshold again so decided to use buprenorphine to tape down to a reasonable morphine dosage. When I told my pain doc I didn't need a refill for my morphine and told him I had substituted buprenorphine to taper off for awhile to drop my tolerance he freaked out and said he could no longer prescribe any medications to me. Why is buprenorphine so bad? Apparently it can only be prescribed for treatment of addiction and if you admit you have a dependency on opiates (which is a totally different thing than addiction...they pharmacy flyer that accompanies each buprenorphine prescription specifically states this fact ) you also are saying you are addicted. The same applies to marijuana. If a pain management doctor ever discovers a patient is using marijuana for any reason they are admitting that they are a drug addict since cannabis is still listen as Schedule I under the DEA's controlled substances list. By using a federally illegal drug, being tolerant to a drug, or physically dependent on a drug you cannot be legally prescribed any opioid drug or for that matter any controlled substance without the doctor being at risk of arrest.

Look, it's IMHO a crime to allow pain to be untreated or under treated but the DEA nonetheless happily enforces the ridiculous laws that perpetrate this. Now they have banned Kratom, a drug that relieves opiate withdrawal symptoms yet is harmless. How could these idiots do this in what they themselves admit is a nationwide opiate addiction (it's really more of a physical dependence issue but those who have never had to experience opiate withdrawal have no idea how horrible it really is) epidemic where thousands are dying from street drugs that they have no idea what the dosage is? Wouldn't it be better to allow safe alternatives or allow doctors to prescribe drugs to those dependent rather than force them to take a chance on the street drugs that they have no idea of strength or dosage? The stupidity and cruelty of our nation's so called leaders never cease to amaze me. What a bunch of dopes.


"What is it going to take to get these God Damn corporations under control?"

Easy answer but difficult solution, especially since our "representatives no longer listen to us but still use our tax dollars to give themselves a pay raise for working all of 74 days per year. Anyway...the answer is to get the corporate money out of our politician's pockets. How? At this point all I can think of is torches and pitchforks.


New Mexico's right-wing governor hates our state's medical cannabis law. You can bet that if big Pharma comes up with an expensive version, whether it works or not, natural Marijuana will again be outlawed in our state. Like it or not, down ballot races do matter for Progressive issues.


Do not let the Feds learn about your Ambien subsitute, anything that doesn't make big Pharma billions will be outlawed immediately.


Our so-called leaders are not dopes. They are very aware of who butters their bread and it is not we the people.



I think it likely that very soon they'll start patenting marijuana genes, especially now that Beyer has purchased Monsanto. Then they'll proceed to put out of business anyone using "their" genes.