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Confirming 'Disastrous Trend,' NASA Report Shows Five Years Since 2014 Are Hottest on Record


Confirming 'Disastrous Trend,' NASA Report Shows Five Years Since 2014 Are Hottest on Record

Julia Conley, staff writer

NASA scientists confirmed in a report Wednesday that 2018 was one of the hottest years on record, continuing what the New York Times called "an unmistakable warming trend."


Pardon me if I’m underwhelmed by the sense of urgency the d-party exhibits as a crisis unfolds.

Being better than the repubs is hardly good enough. But I guess it’s all they got. Effin’ useless.


The new “green” deal, just like the “new deal” before it, is an effort to salvage capitalism even as its disastrous effects become undeniable.
It is a band aid on a broken back, and will no doubt be considered a major victory for the democrats.


That might be my epitaph: “He wasn’t good enough, but he wasn’t a Republican.”


Study up folks. “They” count on being able to manipulate ignorance into ______ (fill in the blank).

Weather Modification History

Jim Lee has dedicated a stunning amount of time, love, labor and research to provide an organized and accessible public record that the government (one can only ask why) has never done.

And how much time do members of this society actually study and intentionally interact with the sky, the waters, lands so that changes are recognized in real time?


So how many articles have we read about this? For how long? And what has been done about it? Nothing! We will die along with the Planet. Only difference is it will replenish itself and we will be Extinct!


When I consider a scenario such as you propose, I find myself wondering about the sheer breadth and coherence of the natural network that makes such a presumed outcome so readily intuited. It also makes me thirsty and hungry for full cognitive engagement with Gaia. When I write something like this, I am then also reminded that I live in a multiverse in which there are those who do so much more fully than I ever could and others who would read such a sentence as just that: sentenced to alienation on the basis of 'what you say makes me uncomfortable, hence there must be something wrong with you. I sentence you to the label ‘crazy’.

Funny how that [ works ].


I’d take critique a step further. IF the “Green New Deal” is passed, it MUST be taken up by society as whole as an opportunity for documentation of the failings and basis for change of the BS that predatory capitalism has claimed as its ‘virtues’ and tear these down assertion by assertion.

  • no more ‘get out jail free’ policies for corporate polluters
  • absolute transparency so we the people can ‘follow the money’
  • set priorities according to recovery of ecological balance needs and shape monetary policy accordingly
  • feel free to add other battle plans

This is not a game - and EVERYONE HAS SKILLS TO CONTRIBUTE to build a responsive community.


Last night’s speech by Drumpf made NO reference to global warming (OF COURSE!), and the Democratic response made only a PASSING reference to it! I guess that means that it ISN’T a problem, so that we can now sleep well at night!!

My ONLY hope is that Greta Thunberg’s Davos speech has impacted those in attendance.


Hey there theoldgoat, yes we do, I am in total agreement but I had to strip away most of my website due to legal garbage…my readership is small but I do try and educate, I guess the old adage that it travels faster by word of mouth so here it is, our goose is cooked, put a fork in her, she’s done.


And this Industrial “Revolution” also ushered in the wild, over consumption of a “consumer society” nation addicted to materialism and the raping of Mother Earth for profit.


This looks interesting, but a long read/exploration.


As I often tell my climate change denying relatives … no one will be visiting our bones in a museum!




“We’re no longer talking about a situation where global warming is something in the future. It’s here. It’s now.”

How long will we last once the arctic is ice free? The kind of action needed has to be urgent and immediate to have even a chance that something might survive and lengthy hearings designed for photo ops probably will not do the trick. Survival demands immediate concentrated joint effort of the kind that will make WWII look insignificant in comparison and even then the odds are very slim indeed, but nonetheless probably better than doing nothing. So far doing nothing is the preferred course of action. Good luck all!


Do not miss reading Ditton’s comment above and follow the links … all of them. A sad journey, calling for help in a wilderness of grazing sheep.


The response of the US Military to Global warming and the possibility of an ice free arctic is telling.

They want to build more ice breakers and combat vessels able to sail these waters and exercise “right of passage” given Russia has the lead here and great miles of Russian coastline in the north will be able to be used by merchant vessels.

Added to that a number of Corporations see a tremendous opportunity in accessing natural resources such as gold, iron , oil and the like in the high Arctic and Antarctica. While the rest of us worry about survival these guys see potential for more profits.


Let’s please drop the wimpy terms: “global warming” and “climate change”. What we have is GLOBAL LIFE SYSTEMS COLLAPSE here! Dying coral reefs, rising seas, acidified seas, nuclear waste leaking into our oceans and lands, species die-offs, melting glaciers, poisoned food and water…The best we can do now is attempt to modify the impacts here and there.


You are a Fool not to see the obvious outcome. You would rather hide behind a keyboard and type long winded baloney. You call me crazy and I call you a Coward. Go write a book. With some luck maybe a moron who thinks like you will buy one. The old goat certainly fits you well…

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