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Confirming 'Disastrous Trend,' NASA Report Shows Five Years Since 2014 Are Hottest on Record


That’s all that will be left of this destructive society. Old bones is right on!


Facts suggest the EV with the most potential to reduce fuel/energy consumption is the plug-in hybrid PHEV. The Green New Deal talking points highlight the term ‘renewable’ energy to maintain bio-fuels and combustible hydrogen as viable and beneficial. Most bio-fuels have limited applications, but PHEVs offer incentives to motorists both to drive less and to use less energy in households. PHEVs also distribute energy and battery resources to many more households than all-battery BEVs like the Tesla. Larger vehicles, SUVs, utility vans, freight trucks would hog battery components and recharging facilities. Rooftop solar PV arrays matched to PHEVs are smaller, their components simpler and less expensive than a PV matched to BEV larger battery packs.


Not a bad idea to have humans be extinct, but I feel badly for the animals and the rest of the planet!


Didn’t most of those people work in the tobacco industry before going over to the fossil fuel business?


Climate change may be new—but it sure as hell isn’t “normal,” and never will be. I grieve for the Gaia of my childhood and youth, and for the young people who will never know true seasons. Goddess and God damn the corporations that have created—and still do—Hell out of what once was Paradise!


Know the difference between real demands and hand-waving stuff.

“Zero fuel by 2030” is, unfortunately, not specific. 2030 can roll around and they can say, “We didn’t invent what you needed so no can do.” That’s why I get specific.

I demand that retrofitted houses be heated 90% by stored solar heat and 10% by the renewable electricity used to move the heat in from the solar storage box at 5:00 a.m. to warm the building to 68 degrees. I can show people how to do this. I demand that one of these get built within a year, not that I’ll get my demand but that’s what we need to do and pronto. Do you have anybody else making a better offer? If so, discover whether their suggestions work, then somebody go fund them. If both Congress and your state government, in their wisdom, choose to go fund a wall and ignore the research and development, then Houston, we have a problem.

I demand that about 90% of our nighttime energy be renewable by 2030, and I recommend R&D first on a completely bird-safe cousin of the solar power tower and second on a certain solar chimney that runs diagonally up a tall mountain slope. If we get the prototypes going, the rest is marketplace history. If we don’t get the prototypes going soon, um, kiss a few wheat fields goodbye.

I demand a better transit system capable of reducing electricity use by 90% (and zero gasoline) over freeways clogged with electric vehicles. I recommend a transit system that operates on slack wire cables over the street, among other transit modes. Along with 99.9% fewer fatalities I expect a 90% per passenger-mile drop in travel costs and excellent wheelchair access all over any city. Again, build it and grow a normal amount of food, don’t build it and I don’t quite know how far we’re going to stretch each calorie of food. A crude oil smoothie just isn’t going to hit the spot on a hot day.

Finally I demand that we face the Arctic meltdown head on. We have to inhibit the Arctic meltdown. We have one option besides inhibiting the Arctic meltdown, and that option is going to hurt! So, no ostriches allowed here. Arctic meltdown inhibition or bust. My best recommendation is to restore the Arctic’s original white albedo using wind-powered snow making machinery and wind-powered pumps to restore the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack.

Mike check. I want to hear back that you heard about specific R&D needs that aren’t getting met in your lifetime, not yet.

P.S. Last Friday we turned on an off-grid, zero-fuel greenhouse for growing tomatoes in February in New England. It has a PV panel and a fan for storing heat in rocks. I was repotting some really tiny tomato sprouts an hour ago. Best guess, local organic tomatoes by early April. Someday somebody will ask, “Can I live in it? It’s so warm and sunny!”


So do I but We have no control of what the Evil Rich are hard at work doing along with our dumb ass President. The Fossil Fuel Industry must be paying him, Republicans and Democrats a ton of money. All of what’s happening is due to Greed.

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Greg Walden (R-Ore.) said the Green New Deal “makes it more difficult to reach our shared environmental goal” and called for a “longer conversation.”
The only environmental goal the Repukes have is burn more fossil fuel. You would like to keep up the Republican stall tactics as long as you can, right Greg? Even though you know that it’s way past time for more fucking talk.

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A total collapse of industrial capitalism threatening civilization itself is the only cure. Survival I give at about 25% as of now. Subtract 5% for each decade without extreme measures put in place. Living will be far different than now in the near future.


whew… just to set the record straight, nothing I wrote had anything to do with the way you decided to take it. You might want to re-read it. I do see and in fact track precisely the fight against what youŕe predicting for peoples who are being subjected to genocide. Coward? Haven’t got time. I strongly encourage proactive ‘fight the good fight’ to deal with the grief that colors your impressions. But that has to be a conscious choice and work is never ending. But, as noted, it IS a choice.


Where in the hell do they think the profits are going to come from on a planet where extinction is on the move and people are simply going to be in survival mode?


Capitalism is just like a religion in that it requires a complete disconnect from reality to truly believe in it.
Therefore, it should not really surprise us that the major capitalists around the world are acting irrationally, as if living in their own little world. Because many of them are.

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I believe they think they can live in the small countries they have bought where they have installed climate-controlled enclaves with the servants they will need until such time as they can migrate to the space colonies they are already privately developed with their offshore billions. That is, the “Masters of the Universe.” Re your average capitalist, I agree.

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We already know that- but if we the people demand less - then there is less for the morons and profiteers, right? So… let’s use LESS fuel, electricity, luxuries, etc. and get back to basics. Some people cannot live without a “smart phone” so they say- of course they could!

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I never said these guys were sane. Some of them think they can be uploaded into computers. Others feel they can buy themselves sanctuaries in far off places.

These people are vampires, the undead. The latest trend was once the stuff of Conspiracy theory , that being rejuvenating oneself with the blood of the youth.

Shortly after Obama involved himself in Syria where it became clear that an all out war with Russia might come of it, the Arms dealers were having conventions where they were hyping their stock indicating the threat of more war was good for business and produced high returns on investment. They are stark raving mad and that is how they become the 1 percent.


No addressing global warming without the world coming together.
klaatu barada nikto


It doesn’t take NASA to figure out the blatantly obvious. Unfortunately the progressives are only about .01% convinced, and usually accept whatever token measure democrats put on the table without a question. Generally anything that sounds green, no matter how insignificant or minor, is far and away enough to completely alleviate all of their environmental concerns for the foreseeable several centuries. Equally, only an insignificant number of progressives have arrived at the more obvious conclusion that democrats will only endorse token measures on every front that matters, and are in no way shape or form progressives. So i guess NASA has to keep coming out with this stuff in hopes someone will wake the ---- up!

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The culture of materialism goes hand in hand with the philosophical ideology called materialism.
What our belief system demands is that we treat the world–despite its astounding beauty and intricacy–as nothing more than zombie matter to be exploited in any way possible. And so here we are, busy desecrating the world for a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there. How pathetic.

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Mealouts, I think that lowered demand for stuff except the bare essentials is already upon the masses as they don’t have the money or credit to do anything else. America is becoming less of a consumer nation and more of a subsistence/survivor/thug nation out of necessity. A trend that is only going to get worse as the capitalists wring the last of the blood of the planet dry.

I don’t own one, but I can see a smart/cell phone as a tool of survival actually. People will be using them differently, but I see them as probably necessary for the “little” people" trying to work together in their own region to coordinate stuff.