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Confirming He 'Does Not Give a Crap About Working People,' Trump Proposes Rejoining TPP


Confirming He 'Does Not Give a Crap About Working People,' Trump Proposes Rejoining TPP

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As if his enormous tax cuts for the rich, attacks on the safety net, and efforts to help bosses steal their employees' tips weren't proof enough, President Donald Trump further demonstrated that he "does not give a crap about working people" on Thursday by


A quote from Art of the Deal:

“Cross your arms, stare straight ahead with a determined lock to your jaw, and an impenetrable fold to your lower lip, and above all, pretend to understand you know what you’re talking about even when it’s obvious you’re clueless.”


Would these deals be okay if the social and external costs were factored in? If so, why wont any legislator introduce a bill to mandate this?


Why are we discussing TPP and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as “trade deals” when Trump and the GOP have, during the past 15 months eliminated the need for corporate tribunals that were the crux of progressives’ anti-TPP stance ?

Trump and the GOP directly deregulated corporate activities that progressives were afraid the TPP-enabled corporate tribunals would deregulate. Trump and the GOP are also stacking all levels of federal courts with young right wing judges (many of whom will still be on the bench during the 2060s) to the extent corporations won’t need corporate tribunals since the recent tax cuts will fund their taking any of Congressi’ legislation they don’t like to court where the right wing judges will overturn said legislation.


That sure is a funny kind of Populism, but I am not surprised. It was obvious to me 2 years ago.
It is sadder than sad that so many fell for the con-man’s lies.


This is not about working people which Trump doesn’t give a damn about. We are beginning to understand that free trade (Trump style) means tariffs which may help a few and hurts everyone else - including virtually all the working people. The real long term trade issues can be worked out with the governing committees. If big pharma is the issue make the effort to change that part of TPP. US protection of big pharma is a large part of the problem.
It is my understanding that TPP has terms to protect intellectual rights that need to be enforced or revised to make them more effective.
Trump’s approaches to trade are authoritative and un thought out. He needs a big platform to work on to achieve what the country needs. These issues are not zero sum issues - all the players should win,


Social and external costs are factored into TPP. Perhaps more should be factored in but there are ways to improve TPP.


Trump sold out just like Obama.


Free trade is a scam.


Killary (war criminal) Clinton and her bankster friends at JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs must be rejoicing. The butcher of Libya and Syria and Iraq hopes to reemerge in New York as a prominent figure in the Democratic (nausea) Party. Hopefully the working class sees through the phony “resistance” movement of the Democrats and the open love affair of the Republicans with Wall Street. We need to breathe life into real resistance to capitalist oppression with more strikes, wildcat actions in the work place, and open rebellion in the communities against racist police terror and massive cuts to public education and health care. Wall Street Democrats are the enemy of our class just as much as the Republicans. Both parties are racist, support super exploitation of both workers of color and women. WE need to take our blinders off and realize the capitalist system is never going to meet the needs of the international working class. Only we can turn things around by building a massive egalitarian communist movement to bring peace, prosperity, good health , and equality for all to the world. My 37 years of experience in the class struggle both as a working class university student and as a worker convince me that this is not only necessary , but definitely possible. I sincerely hope my son, daughter, and granddaughter live to see the coming Red Dawn. See www.plp.org


Is anyone surprised that Trump has sold out like every president has for the past (?) how many years?

The Duopoly breeds them like this.

WTFU to it.


Of course, “he doesn’t give a crap about working people,” but there is something wrong with using a quotation without attributing its source explicitly in the article itself–not by a link to another piece. That’s sloppy writing and sloppy journalism, even if the sentiment is good.


The last GOOD president is featured in another article on here today. Hint: His name rhymes with SMARTER!


Damn, maybe I should read more books.

Well, on second thought, thanks for that quote, I’ve read enough.


TPP has no protections for unfair labor practices and has provisions to allow corporations to override government opposition to corporate misconduct. This is just another aspect of growing fascism around the world. The TPP is just a further strengthening of corporate state that Mussolini started and that Wall Street and their political whores like Killary has perfected. They ARE the New NazisMarch with the Progressive Labor Party for May Day on Saturday. April 28th in Brooklyn at Flatbush and Hillel Place at 11am.


No, social & external costs are not factored in unless you mean the factor was to not just a rats ass about the working class and the environment.


Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Public Citizen



Protecting Health Safety and Democracy


The Democrats claim that’s what they do. The Rethugs say “screw you!” Anyway, whether the deal is done by a Dems or Rethugs it is a bad deal for the poor (nearly all of whom are workers) and working classes because these deals are merely attempts by capitalists to keep from destroying each other.

The neoliberal Dems care as much about people as the other wing of the Duopoly. This article is another stoopid piece of propaganda to be used as a weapon of mass distraction.


Can all of our past presidents and Trump be sell outs ? Possibly, or have they literally had a gun put to their heads ? I’m not sure, but this seems odd, even for Trump.