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Confirming Kavanaugh Is Not Affirming Democracy


Confirming Kavanaugh Is Not Affirming Democracy

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Greg Coleridge

If the Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to the vacant Supreme Court Justice seat it will represent further movement away from affirming the basic democratic principle of addressing the needs of the majority without impeding basic rights of the minority. Equally alarming is the threat, based on Kavanaugh’s own past decisions, of affirming, and likely expanding, constitutional rights of corporations at the expense of human rights, and limiting our ability to protect our ecosystem from further plunder and outright collapse.


Proud and persistent environmental “kook” though I may be, I’ll stand with honor. Although I can’t “save” the planet*, I can always exclaim “it’s not my fault!”

*here is George Carlin’s take

I don’t agree with him completely on this matter, but he sure had game…


Kavanaugh’s record supporting the unitary executive, the 21st century version of sovereign immunity, confirms that confirming Kavanaugh will be 180 degrees from “affirming democracy”.


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