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Confirming Kavanaugh Would be a Disaster for Workers and People in Poverty


Confirming Kavanaugh Would be a Disaster for Workers and People in Poverty

Jeremy Slevin, Jake Faleschini

By now, most of Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s decisions and speeches have been pored over by both advocates and reporters. But comparatively little attention has been paid to a posture that has defined Kavanaugh’s legal career: a consistent willingness to side with the rich and the powerful over the most vulnerable members of society.


"In case after case, Kavanaugh exhibits a preference for the more powerful party—whether corporations, agencies, or the criminal justice system—over the less powerful—whether consumers, workers, or victims of pollution.

That alone should give every Senator pause before they vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination."

Why would the whores abhor one of their own?


so the plutocrats have finally gotten what they’ve wanted since 1933, a complete rollback of the entire 20th century.

say goodbye to social security, child labor laws, medicare, medicaid, environmental protection laws and any other so called progressive legislation

public sector unions will be the last unions to fall … its all over


Pleas see my response to “Brett Kavanaugh Would Be a Disaster on Climate.”


The dems are going to wholeheartedly help vote Kavanaugh in and then they will turn around and blame people who didn’t vote or voted their conscious for Kavanaugh being on the Supreme Court.


It is only over when we stop resisting.


Uh, the Democrats just blocked a judge today. Of course, they needed a Republican to go along since there’s no filibuster and Tim Scott obliged. Otherwise, they’ve been slowing nominations in committee as much as they can:

The filibuster is gone, but they’ve slowed things down. It’s not something that’s visible if we are looking for the latest, awesomest, progressive Democrats-are-doing-nothing!!! trigger rage bait, but it’s effective.