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Confirming Progressive Fears, Facebook's "Trustworthy" News Project Is Chock-Full of Fox News


Confirming Progressive Fears, Facebook's "Trustworthy" News Project Is Chock-Full of Fox News

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Confirming grave fears among progressives that Facebook's efforts to become an arbiter of "trustworthy" news would prioritize corporate and right-wing outlets over independent sources, the social media giant on Wednesday unveiled the first slate of news segments it will air in the coming days as part of its effort to combat "


I deleted my FB post and am much happier. I keep up with the news in other ways and Zuckerberg can’t mine my data. Can you do the same? I dare you.


If there wasn’t more important reasons to bail from Facebook, this certainly is one.


I wish Facebook would stand up to the CONservatives like Faux News & Donald Trump. There s:unamused::unamused::open_mouth::open_mouth:hould be a social network that talks about Trump’s affairs with other women & his sexual harassment of them.:star_struck::expressionless:


That is why I am very appreciative and supportive of sites like tihs.


“Facts have a well-known liberal bias.”
–Stephen Colbert

Conservatives have been screaming about “the liberal media” for so long that a lot of people simply accept that media, dominated by six giant corporations owned by multibillionaires, are secretly plotting to overthrow themselves.

“The devil’s greatest trick was convincing people that he doesn’t exist.”


Faux News on Fakebook–sort of like a conservative blue pill suppository. A matrix within a matrix.


For right wingers, fake news is a critical tool for gaining power. Without fake news they would operating in the real world and would look like fools denying climate change and repeating Trump’s obvious lies as if they were facts. In the right wing alternative universe bubble their views are compatible with fictional world the right wing has created. Avoiding Facebook is one step to take in order to avoid fake news.


Ingraham is an adult female with the brain level of an adolescent. Fox News is truly an oxymoron. What is the joke? “I didn’t feel like watching the news so I turned on Fox.”


The emperor(s) got no clothes, gambled away any and all legitimate standing, can’t see next week’s meals, next month’s leveraged buyout, or the bottomless abyss beyond the cliff carved away by the financial predators.

Stealing GuildF’s fire
“The devil’s greatest trick was convincing people that he doesn’t exist.”
Updated to read for the ultra right: The devil’s greatest costume change went from attire to time as the anti-christ slid in on Citizens United and now we’ve really got a real whoopdie doo hullabaloo - unfortunately he stole Shakespeare’s line that “all the worlds a stage” which made governance the apple bitten into this time around in the faustian bargain.

None of the ultra right seem to have ever read full to the ending of Faust and as a result seem caught in a Groundhog Day version of the bargain. But hey, the book hasn’t been burned yet, so there is no excuse for the ‘players’ to not get it right


For too many years there has been too many democrats that did not want to shake things up and embraced Clinton neoliberalism policies of the 90’s, did not hold Bush/Cheney et all accountable, and the calculator in chief Obama did just that capitulated and got in bed with the elites of both parties. They being the democrats stop working for the people and neutered progressives.

What happened to Air America, where were the dem donors to keep that going. They hadn’t seen Faux News catching on and dominating the discourse?


Clinton started it on steroids getting rid of Glass Seagal, Commodities Futures Regulations and water watering down ownership of media.


Never started with the f…book. Otherwise known as the fratboy book. He’s never grown out of the frat box… because it has never been intended to appeal to anything beyond it. It is the alternative to commitment, except for, and any other platform could easily provide options, the posting of news.
Social movements are being forced to mature in double time. They are the target of the FUbook.


… otherwise known as a zombie abyss


Zuckerberg in cahoots with the fascists. Who would’ve thunk…


You don’t have to look at the tripe FB puts out. The real problem is the massive amounts of data they collect on their website and websites that they’re connected to – including CD.


Why on Earth would ANYONE get their news via fb???


Oh good, because Americans aren’t already zombified, non-critical-thinking, easily-susceptible-to-propaganda, brainwashed sponges. This should definitely not add to the people of this country wearing more “Tree…Rope…Journalist” tee-shirts and screaming “Fake news” everytime they hear anything remotely factual that goes against the right-wing bullplop that is driven into their brains 24/7. No. Not at all.


Using Fox News to combat “misinformation” is kind of like spraying gasoline to fight a forest fire.


I always liked the name Zuckerberg. In German it means sugar mountain. But that ends any like I have for the name zuckerberg. Freaking evil. Not that I’d have been happy if it was DNC and CNN either. It’s just that extra bigotry, sexism, police and gun worship and climate change denial that is so in your face. The DNC while being run by the same people, at least hide it behind their sociopathic puppet.