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Confirming Progressive Fears, Facebook's "Trustworthy" News Project Is Chock-Full of Fox News


We were mostly all duped into believing there was only one choice in America, the choice between two evils. Democrats and Republicans both work very hard to keep it a two party system. With all the money involved in politics nowadays, these two powerful parties are like the oligarchs they represent and they hate competition. The common man in most democratic countries has several parties to choose from. We need that here.


Because they are addicted to it. Also because it relieves the stress of thinking.


Thanks for correcting me, I thought zuckerberg meant candy ass.


Trying to find any voice not a “conservative” blowhard on the radio is impossible. Conservative meaning greedy thieving murderous lying assholes. Either side actually, if it comes through the msm I’m not listening.


I’ve given up on FB for everything except talking to my friends. That’s about all it’s good for. A chat room…


I’ve never been on facebook and never will. Their rightwing propoganda will never reach me.
They can spin their wheels all they want. I will laugh at them.


Remember, meanwhile, facebook is collecting data on you and selling it.