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Confirming Progressive Warnings, Social Security Actuary Says Trump Payroll Tax Cut Would Effectively Destroy Program by 2023

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/confirming-progressive-warnings-social-security-actuary-says-trump-payroll-tax-cut


Might as well get rid of social security. All that has to be done is have the TV say it’s better that way.

Americans will just shrug and say ‘it’s better that way’.

Then Wall St and the rest of the tycoons can make even more money, and the poor old people can be blamed for their own carnage.

It doesn’t really matter what they do to you. You’ll take it. And they know that.

If anybody complains, they have an entire army of paid liars with a lexicon full of scare words like ‘socialism’ and ‘Karl Marx’ to convince you with fallacious arguments.

It’s been the program in America for the entirety of my life.


There was a time when even suggesting eliminating Social Security and Medicare would literally END that Lawmaker! Now, people are so apathetic they won’t even fight to protect what we ALL paid for our entire working lives! It is OUR MONEY. I worked 41 years of hard labor, paying money out of every single paycheck to have this. Now, Trump just wants to end it and not even a wimpier out of people?
Americans have become wimps. We should have been striking in the streets over the lack of healthcare, or losing SnAP, or other benefits to help the elderly, disabled and Veterans to survive.
WTF has happened to people?! Wake TF up and do something. The French, Greeks, and every other Country would’ve been rioting in the streets by now.


This 'sky is falling" refrain coming from the same folks that just passed the $740 billion defense bill???

Dem controlled house voted “Yay” 295 to 125. Senate voted “Yay” 86 to 14.

UURRG… Bad Trump… Must vote for Biden…UUrggg.


“American people’s hard-earned benefit.” from the article.

But =
Social Security amount from the paycheck and employer contributions are a tax.
There is no guarantee to anyone that we will be able to collect some day.
Originally, plan had three workers paying and one retired receiving a life saving subsidy.
Notice that disability is mentioned. Last week, a CDer wrote that this account pays from
general USA revenue, not the ss tax.

I knew that my money paid into ss went right away to widows, orphans and retired. There is
no individual savings earning interest for me. Getting a monthly check plus medicare is
a gift, and can be terminated by congress or a court decision.

Trump has a healthy chance to win again. 31% approval for his corona19 failures.
The October surprise will likely be an approved medicine from FDA and announcement that
vaccine is passing clinical trials quickly. The polls will bump up to 43/45% nationwide and it
only takes a couple states to give him electoral win.
I suspect that American education has failed.

So, you are a proponent of killing 60 million recipients of SS and Meducare and causing them to die in poverty and homelessness? This includes Veterans, Disabled and Elderly.


Read it again.
let it sink in a bit.

No, I do not propose losing social security and medicare for anyone in USA.

Simply trying to put some floor joists under your feet.
I worked 1947 thru 2007 and ss only considered a few years to determine
a monthly pension amount. Hell, it ain’t enough - I can tell you that right now, today.
True Inflation is ignored.
widows with children
Combat veterans who are now disabled physical or emotional = yes.
Getting a sprained ankle playing volleyball after hours = no.

SS is the gift.
You supported others and now others support you.
There is no treasure chest or golden goose.

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During the great recession of 2008-2009, while millions saw their wealth cut in half, social security continued to make full payments on time. It has been a tremendously successful program which has kept millions out of poverty.


So we should all just shrug off Trump’s blatant lies and illegal EOs, Atlas?

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We must stop the evil man trying to harm SS, said the people exhorting us to vote for the guy who vowed to cut SS and Medicare. The US clown car drives on towards the cliff, radio blaring, gas pedal to the metal, brake lines cut.


At the wheel are Thelma Repub and Louise Dem – so relax, enjoy the ride, don’t bother with seatbelts.


Of course. Now, again, Where’s Pelosi? The number one trump enabler on the planet is sure leading the outcry against evil once again. Can there be a more worthless opposition leader or enemy of the earning classes than this space occupying self serving old warthog? She’s as treasonous as those she enables. A sworn and demonstrated enemy of progressive political thought. If she’s not acting criminally then what constitutes criminality?


Paygo Pelosi has to shut her piehole on payroll tax cuts.
Unless she wants to remind us that she and Obama cut them, too:



That was as close as obummer got to getting his cat food commission-inspired grand bargain before he got distracted by the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) launch and his need to keep OWS from re-emerging the following spring.


Republican politicians: Only the best people.

I still have faith the American people are not wimps, the BLM protests have proven that to me. What the American people are- is miss informed, not surprising considering the many years of corporate propaganda put forth by MSM. They don’t know who to believe when an issue comes up, and who can blame them. Some how the following message must get out to the masses, if it can be done, I’m confident the people will rise up.

Social Security Works tweet:

“The ‘payroll tax cut’ Don Jr. just bragged about?
This is what it really means - defunding and destroying Social Security”
“…eliminating the payroll tax would fully deplete Social Security’s disability and old age trust funds by 2023.”


Every day now I log in here and cannot believe what I am seeing.

I guess your upcoming election will be decisive.


Also scare words like: TERRORISTS, LEFTISTS, COMMUNISTS,ANARCHISTS, UNPATRIOTS and too many others to list here.

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Trump agenda 2016:undo Obama.

Trump agenda 2020: undo FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ, and (gasp!) RMN.

Trump agenda 2024: undo Founders.


I’m not so sure about the importance of the election, when his past is taken into account, I view Biden as a polished, polite Trump, who strives for many of the same things, corporate control over the people.
The US press seems to have taken the Goebbels quote below to heart.

“Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose” - Joseph Goebbels