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Confirming US Orchestration, Report Details Pence's Key Phone Call to Venezuelan Opposition Leader


Confirming US Orchestration, Report Details Pence's Key Phone Call to Venezuelan Opposition Leader

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As U.S.


Anyone that supports this American interference in Venezuela supports Trump.


As I commented on the “Times” regarding this return to a coup orchestrated by the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our formerly promising and sometimes progressive country (PKA) America:


Now there’s an inference in an election you can believe in.


I’m waiting for Bernie to declare himself the President of the United States. Since laws and elections don’t mean anything to trump - we will see what happens.


And, Donald, I suspect that anyone who supports Trump supports this Venezuelan interference.

The US government has a long, sad history of interfering in other countries of the Americas. I think this is yet another example of the CIA at work supporting American colonization.

When you understand the process it is easy to spot it happening, even years ahead of the primary event.


Yes, Smerl, very sadly. Far more blatant than a few emails or comments from troll farms.

The Monroe Doctrine forever!


My country piss on thee,
For you no liberty;
Made sure your freedom died,
By US not from inside,
From every mountainside let “freedom” sting!


Not just in the Amerikas:  We installed the p’Shaw in Iran a few decades ago, and look where the back­lash to THAT wise adventure has gotten us.

Sending the marines to Hawai’i on behalf of Dole Pineapple was a bit more successful, but that was a LONG time ago . . .

*   *   *   *   *

What’s the difference?  Trump is an eee-pitomization of EVIL.  (As are Yoo & Wasserman-Schultz & Prince & Pence & P’Loser & O’Bummer & McConnell & DeVos & all 3 Clintons & all 3 Cheneys and both Bushes & Bolton & Ashcroft, &c, &c, &c . . . )

Like I said last week, I hope Tweetle-Dumb DOES give the State of the Union Address in the House, and that nearly all of the fifty dozen or so top members of “our” criminal gummint are there, and Kim Jong-un drops a MOAB on it.


Wow, my government you are very strange. I think that TRUMP/PENCE/ POMPEO oh that’s TPP— I guess we are a shit hole country now if we need more than 1 P to cover all the TP shit were doing. Do you 3 goons seriously think Americans will forget all about what has been happening because now we need to attack other nations, because obviously you elected ones aren’t competent and fixing your own nation is just too hard. SO-----Trump can’t be the real president and that he needs to be replaced with a replacement someone who knows what they are doing------oh wait, this is America-----so who should that be, and it’s NOT Pence and it’s NOT YOU EITHER HILLARY!


Will the people of Venezuela defend themselves from attack by the US?

The Army is avoiding slaughter by its might unleashed against family and friends, it is understandably reluctant to turn itself loose against civilian rioters. Civilians against civilians means civil war while the government reserves the army to defend against a US attack.

Economic plans need to be made. Perhaps a Caracas airlift from the free world to defeat US imperialism in one more place.


Here ya go, Democrats! This is blatantly illegal. This is your chance to actually impeach with some evidence! Go get 'em!

Or maybe just go back to Stormy Daniels. I mean, who doesn’t love a good regime change operation, right?


This is coup number 4, and probably the second most dangerous one so far. Like the first, the military high command has come out in support of Maduro, so he should be safe.

Lots of ties need to be severed, though, not just the US. The American poodle collection needs to get put on the ignore list, too.


Not hearing much from the McResistance ™, however, so if this is true, Trump’s one damn popular dude!


Venezuelans right now are in such dire straits that they would welcome anyone, even Trump, if that promises a change.
As is the case with all Latin American countries (except for Costa Rica, which doesn’t have a conventional military) what happens next will depend on the loyalty of the military. Right now the situation is so desperate that any indication of a move by the Venezuelan military in support of Mr Guaido will quickly escalate into a coup ousting Maduro. The military must be watching each other’s moves to see who folds first.
The Venezuelan military is not supporting Maduro because they favor of socialism. They support him because he facilitates avenues of income other than their official salaries. Ethics among the Latin American military is at the level of organized crime, and in some countries they are nothing more than organized crime (Argentina being the prime example.)


That’s fantastic Reader.



Wall Street Journal sez:
“… Pompeo and Bolton, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin … presented Mr. Trump with options for recognizing Mr. Guaido.”

First they closed the government of the U.S., and I said nothing because I was not a USAn;
Then they closed the government of Venezuela and I said nothing because I was not a Venezuelan …


Tom, when I read Eric Foner’s book, The Story of American Freedom I was made aware that at the turn of the 20th Century it was those “progressives” that backed the racist Woodrow Wilson in getting us into WWI.


The Evil that is Imperialist amerika goes back to 1776, or before!
The collapse of this Evil empire is at hand! We who care MUST do everything non-violent to bring the fall of empire !!!