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Conflicts of Interest Could Put Trump in Violation of Constitution 'On Day One'


Conflicts of Interest Could Put Trump in Violation of Constitution 'On Day One'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Author sez: "Norman Eisen, chief ethics counsel for Barack Obama, told ... "

Chief ethics counsel? Does Obama know he has this guy on staff?


Heh-heh. Right - first time hearing of Eisen or "chief ethics counsel," in eight years.

The Constitution of is no concern to Trump and his boosters in the Republican Party. Never was, never will be.


Whose going to stop him? The GOP ? The Dems.? The SCOTUS? Who? Nobody is who. So, ended the Republic and began the Empire with Trump the 1st on the throne.


As bush would say, the constitution is just a piece of paper.


Many voted for him thinking that they could ride on "great businessman" Trump's gilded coat-tails. He told us that he's going to make this country rich again. They believed Trump and thought he was talking about them. But they never heard that "to get rich you need to make others poor". And guess who he was talking about.


I'm sure Trump will be willing to put everything into a blind trust, just as long as it is controlled by his sons.


Preaching to the choir here.......we all know that this guy and his associates are the swamp.


And where were these complaints when Cheney put his holding in a "blind trust" and proceeded to direct no-bid contracts to the companies where his money was growing exponentially?

And who would stop King Trump?
The checks and balances on our government have become
"blank checks" and "fair and balanced news"


What he really wants is for all of us to just trust him blindly and I'm sure his following would absolutely no problems with that. I mean what could go wrong, right?


A lot of fools voted for him. What can we do? Obviously nobody like Trump should ever be in the White House. But this is the Age of Ignorance. People who are thoughtful about who should be elected president are being marginalized. The Trump voters would probably like to shut down the universities if they could. Electing Trump I guess is the next best thing. Here is what you need to know to get by for the next four years. Knowledge is bad. Thinking deeply is bad. Say whatever you think, no matter who you offend. That is the Trump survival kit.


Trump will never relinquish control over his kingdom: it is his essential being to be "king" - what every narcissist breathes - to dominate others and exert control. Everything he would touch as POTUS, everyone he appoints, every decision made or policy implemented will be a conflict of interest! That fact cannot be otherwise, one cannot "lead" a nation and have business tendrils controlling and influencing nations and other politicians around the earth that create ones wealth - including his children's!

As others have written - who will call him on his arrogance? Who would tell the king he has no clothes? Who will demand he divest to comply with the Constitution for the good of the nation? Who? The RepubliCons? Any integrity R leaders may once have had is a thing of the far past. Democratic "leaders" sell themselves cheap as they sell-out the people, and I see no reason they would change that corrupt MO.

There must be an outpouring of legal, public, and political demand that Trump divest his empire - then we will be left with Pence...............


He even was said to issue subprime mortgages, and people voted for him!


Nobody needs to use a sociopath as a role model. Continue to live in integrity, but I do appreciate the sarcasm.


His followers probably would have voted for him no matter what he did- they hated Obama and Hillary.


I agree, 90% of them would have voted for Satan (R). Nevertheless, she lost
mainly because she didn't get the vote out where she absolutely needed to.
She and her team took Pa, Wis. and Mich. for granted and that cost her the
election. That she lost every swing State didn't help , but those three key
Blue States were an absolute must and she has no excuse for losing them.
NONE! Now it's a disaster for millions that will lose their Health Ins.
their SSI and possibly even Medicare. She'll just retire with a big fat
Gov't pension a few of them plus her fortune made from trading on her
political connections. What a fiasco.


So? What is anybody going to do about it?
By the time any legal proceedings have gone through our courts his 4 years are up.


Scandals? Trump thrives on those things.


To date Trump has serially turned bad PR into energy and positive results for him. When you consider that most of those who voted for him think they want the US government destroyed its hard to imagine bad PR ever hurting Trump.


And also when Clinton put the Clinton foundation in a "blind trust". Well sort of. And our own FBI has said well nothing to see here. What does Deirdre think is going to happen? The 1% indicted for a crime? Really?