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Conflicts of Interest


Conflicts of Interest

Christopher Brauchli

Wherefore waste our elocution,
On impossible solution. . . .”
-- Sir William Schwenk Gilbert,
The Gondolier


Just one of the many reasons that elections do matter: Betsy DeVos!


Better watch your back when you go out to vote, nighthawk…
Betsy DeVos’s brother is Erik Prince, the Blackwater mercenary.
(What an incestuous administration we have!)


"Trump University was, like its creator, a complete fraud" How true! The entire trump regime is likewise a complete fraud dedicated to greed and obscene self-interest, beyond the ken of ordinary people! The ginger pig and all who sail in him, is a walking “conflict of interest” and crime against humanity!

The trump regime is dedicated to, and made up of, people who have mostly one thing on their little, ignorant, narrow minds…money and how to acquire more of it, regardless the consequences or lives destroyed, regardless the destruction to our republic, or environment. A nation that serves Mammon - money and greed - beyond all other considerations and morality, is NOT “great” but evil, and doomed to destruction!

The trillion dollar “tax cut” scam gifted the richest and and most powerful, and we are now seeing how deep that depraved indifference and theft runs. The truth of how that the theft must be made-up is by taking it back from those LEAST able to afford it! From students, seniors, children, home-owners, families, the at-risk, all middle class and poor Americans, the environment - gutting all programs that protect and serve the public health and safety and Common Good to serve common greed!.

Property taxes all across America have been increased substantially to pay for the “tax-cut” theft by trump & co! The rich got over a trillion $ and that money must be taken back by gutting programs for the 99%, raising “fees” and state/local taxes to make-up the loss! Everything in America is now for-profit from health-care, to education, to social services, to endless war, thanks to the trump regime Of the rich, By the rich and FOR the rich!

The moral compass of all those “businessmen” and women, like the odious DeVos, is non-functional, a blot on humanity, perpetrated by people dedicated to greed, exploitation, and usury, who have zero regard for the lives of all others, or truth, honesty, justice, and integrity.

The ginger pig has made America weep again…


Well said Emphyrio!


It is threw the totally rigged election system that you have a Betsy DeVos.


The only positive I can find is the fact that at the rate the rich are raping the poor, revolution cannot be far away. Next market crash and bail out should just about do it I think…