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Confronted by Protest, Bill Clinton Tosses Campaign Script on Welfare, Poverty, and Prisons


Confronted by Protest, Bill Clinton Tosses Campaign Script on Welfare, Poverty, and Prisons

Jon Queally, staff writer

Riled by protesters who repeatedly interrupted a speech on behalf of wife and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia on Thursday, Bill Clinton is now under fire for how he responded to those challenging the political pair's record on criminal justice and welfare reform passed under his presidency in the 1990s.


And we had it all sewn up nice and tidy long before it even got started and why gorramit are people screwing things up with all this stuff we never expected to have to answer for? Don't they remember I played the saxophone? Didn't that prove something to them? I'm Bill Clinton and everybody knows I'm the cool one even if I am a rich oligarch? Hillary knows that $12. an hour is better for you than $15. Trust her. She is better able to reign in Wall St. Because she takes their money! Dont you see that she is checking it out from the inside. I played the sax gorramit. That matters!


Don't they remember I played the saxophone?



Just looks like another knee jerk reaction by us lefties. Watched the whole video and didn't see it as a negative rant or anything like that. He even defended HRC quite well. Now I will tell you right out that I am working for Bernie and will not vote for HRC if she becomes the nominee. But in this speech Bill doesn't look like the big drag on HRC that many of the tweeters believe it to be. I think if you don't know what we all on the left know then you can admire Bill for defending his wife, and even believe what he says. Doesn't mean he's right. Just doesn't sound like the big deal that people are making it out to be. There is plenty out there that shines a poor light on HRC, I just don't think this is one of them.


This triggered a memory of BC responding to Amy Goodman on Dem Now in 2000 in a not so friendly fashion having been asked some rather pointed questions.

He does not like being second guessed. Poor baby.



Upon listening to i all the way through I agree. He was just doing the dissembling stuff politicians do. It took a lot of chutzpah to blame the consequences of his "end welfare as we know it" on the Republicans though.

As far as voting for HRC - if HRC gets the nomination and polls show that my states race being unsettled and there is a real chance of a lunatic republican president, pen in hand to sign everything coming out of a already lunatic Republican congress, then of course I will have to vote for HRC. No, this is not like the days of Bush-Gore-Nader - I gladly voted for Nader back then becasue Bush and Gore were indistinguishable. There IS a difference this time. Bush would be un-nominatably left-wing by today's Republican party standards. This is fascism - the real deal this time.


I hear what you are saying about the consequences of not voting for her highness, but if the best we can do is HRC and whatever the right vomits out, then this nation deserves to reap what we sow. Having said that I don't think it will come to that. Bernie will win it all and we can at least START putting a real democracy together in this nation.


Agree. I have heard bad things about Chris Hayes recently, don't really watch his stuff, but he let her speak her piece without undo interruptions. Allowed her to put forth her case, which she did quite well.


I like to think of HRC as evil and Drumpf and company as evil incarnate.


You should tell that to the the Mexicans near my home who just had their store vandalized with broken windows and racist graffiti for the third time in four months last night. I suspect that they would disagree. Do not work to consign many millions of people to oppression and possible death just so you can cluck some kind of satisfaction from your comfortable and safe bourgeois perch.

And have you ever thought that you might have unrealistic expectations of Sanders? For starters, he is hardly a Zinn or Chomsky with regard to foreign policy and the military. And with a Republican congress, he domestic proposals don't have a snowballs chance in hell.

And sorry, but I simply don't get this personal-vendetta-esque, over-the-top, apoplectic, insane hatred of Hillary Clinton exhibited by so many Sanders supporters. She is just another ambitious US politician, with all the vile things that that entails. Objectively, there are politicians that are better than her such as Sanders, and other that are far, far worse than her, like practically every Republican. This isn't the first time I've seen this phenomenon - there was the screaming hatred -to-the-dying-breath of Dennis Kucinich over a single vote he cast in congress. And lately, those screaming hatred of Elizabeth Warren because of, not something she did, but something she didn't do. It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic. The so-called "left" seems to be collectively, socially clueless dolts unable to accept diversity of views and so unable to organize their way out of a paper bag! I can only assume that this is the case because so little of the left consists of the actual down-trodden and screwed-over (They, sadly, are all Trumpists). Instead, most of the US left consists of the comfortable bourgeois for whom the whole struggle is just a sporting event - one they get quite emotionally invested in (Go Penguins!!!!), but still just a sporting event.


My name for the looming prospects of a Clinton co-presidency:

HillBillies, revisited

rhymes with willies
carpetbaggers redeemed
once more with feeling
new & improved product
restoration royale
hints of many happy returns
Lincoln Bedroom fer sale agin


Michelle Alexander totally nails it. And she managed to do it without confronting or even contradicting misinformation given by the interviewer.


Oh, the Clintons... they are a-fading...


Does Bill need adult supervision on the campaign trail? Maybe Hillary should hire a security guard with direct orders to dive tackle him as soon as he looks like he's going to harm himself, or someone he loves.


I hear you loud and clear. But for the first time since 2008, I have hope. Sanders is riding in on a wave that is bigger than himself. It is not just a person, it is a movement.

She fully supported the sanctions on Iraq, and made no apology for the 1.5 million it killed 500,000 of them children.

She rode the war bandwagon in 2002/2003 (Iraq), at a time when anyone who was taking notice knew it was a pack of lies. Probably a million and a half dead. 4 million refugees. DU. A country reduced to barbarianism. No apology for everything.

She pushed for, and got, Obama to destroy Libya. And anyone who was taking notice should have known that that too was based on a pack of lies. Aother country reduced to barbarianism. No apology for everything. Would I want her tried in the Hague? Yes!!! Is this an insane hatred - a vendetta? maybe. You be the judge.

She supported the overthrow of Syria, supporting yet another dirty dirty pack of lies.

Is there any warmongering put out by GWB that she did not support. Did she ever contradict GWB's or Netanyahoo's lies. Will she change her spots? No, no and no. I dont think so. Just listen to her warmongering lies on Iran. She stands for more of the same and quite possibly worse.

That speaks volumes for the current crop of politicians.

Lets put it the other way. What there is about her in the way of redeeming features does not pass the test of genuine, seems to be purely for convenience, and will be discarded after 2016.


Just yesterday i wrote in these threads about the Clinton campaign, that you knew another shoe was bound to drop.

The thing is, there are certainly more shoes going to drop on that campaign.

And while they keep trying to invent dropping shoes for the Sanders campaign, the Clintons actually deliver. Nice to see it resulted in Chris Hayes talking with Michelle Alexander. (On second read i see the Alexander segment was from before this happened.)

More please.


You're tone deaf.


He sounded like someone who actually believes his own BS which does lend a certain amount of gravamen to a lecture as opposed to those who know they are spewing garbage. But to those who recognize the nature of the contents, rather than the sincerity of the delivery, his remarks were much more than condescending, they were totally offensive. He basically lectured that those who were protesting on behalf of Black Lives Matter were supporting those elements that assisted in the destruction of their communities. A lot of people will not find that acceptable. It may be a matter of how close one is to the issue.

'Of Course' Hillary Clinton is Qualified to Be President, Sanders Says in Reversal

Reminds me of the homophobicaly named DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) which Bill signed by his twisted logic to help gay rights, and which his wife later helped repeal which Bill and Hillary said also helps gay rights. Sounds like Trump defending his inconsistencies.


Clinton's remarks come almost a year after he renounced the very same crime bill, implying that he knew at the time that some of the sentencing provisions were too harsh, but that that concern was trumped by his desire to pass the overall bill.

That's exactly the position Sanders has taken on his vote for the bill.

Not that I won't vote for him, but hey. Let's have some perspective.