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Confronting Pharma Greed That Is 'Literally Killing People,' Sanders and Khanna Unveil Bills to Lower Drug Prices




An add to your add: Many antibiotics are becoming ineffective because of overprescription/overuse. Also, they are polluting the environment, especially water, in a big way through human sewage systems and agribusiness animal wastes being dumped raw into the environment.

Well-targeted use of antibiotics and some drugs can be public health miracles and reduce suffering and eliminate certain diseases. Uncontrolled use in the capitalist “free market” is yet another path to genocide and poisoning of the biosphere.




Someone with Medicare in my family was viciously attacked by two dogs 3 days ago. They did not have vaccinations, or undetermined, so health department put them in quarantine.

In the meantime this person has to take preventative rabies shots, at the introductory price (if he needs only 2 days of meds and not 4–in the case rabies is confirmed) of $4000.00.

As the head pharmacist explained, Medicare typically does not cover rabies treatment, so you can try to bill them, but they will send it back to you.

As with the $10K in fees with intake and 4 day stay (and he cannot even stand at this point)–we sure hope his neighbor (dog owner) has great insurance, and fortunately, we have an attorney friend with a personal injury practice (tops in his field) breaking his retirement just to represent him.

So can’t afford healthcare in the USA? lawyer up with that money you do not have.


I have been focusing on actually hearing note differences and it has been a great way to develop discrimination and something that I too have had no talent unlike a musician brother of mine. Developing this skill can be applied to so many areas of Life.


Peach and apricot pits contain a significant amount of cyanide, so be careful — don’t just start gobbling them by the handful . . .


And Mitch McConnel will not allow the bill to proceed for a vote. And the powerful corporate politicians like Cory Booker will kill this bill immediately as they are on the pharmaseuticals pay roll. Just like last years bill that died a gullotine death in Congress by the insurance corporations political prisoners (politicians who accept bribes).