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Confronting the Climate Crisis—Why We Need Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/05/confronting-climate-crisis-why-we-need-bernie-sanders-green-new-deal


I’m with you Bernie.


It says a lot about the d-party that Bernie is so far behind Byedone with Warren soon to pass him.

It says a lot about why I’m not interested in being a d-party voter, too.


Keep the faith. Bernie 2020 ! Spread the news.


Go Bernie.

The Democratic Party has had a love-hate relationship with climate change since Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” movie in 2000. Even Obama didn’t ratify the Paris accord with the Senate. At one point in Obama’s administration both the House and the Senate were Democrat so he could have passed anything he promised.

It is quite unacceptable for 2020 Presidential Candidates to be just coming up to speed on this issue. Warren’s flip flop on fracking in 2019 is an example of lack of personal understanding on one of the most important things the President of the United States should already be familiar with. Warren’s claim that she is following the demands of her followers is not leadership.

There are thousands of Methane (Natural Gas) pipes that are leaking nationwide and the aging infrastructure is only going to make the greenhouse effect worse. For example see this study: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/researchers-find-nearly-6000-natural-gas-leaks-in-districts-aging-pipe-system/2014/01/15/f6ee2204-7dff-11e3-9556-4a4bf7bcbd84_story.html?noredirect=on

We have multiple examples of Presidents saying one thing to get elected and then doing the opposite when in office. Trump is only the latest such example.

The only way for humanity to protect itself from politician lies is to ensure the politician people vote for has a track record of actions in support of said initiative and participation or leading a movement.

Bernie did that when he created The Sanders Institute and invited 350.ORG’s co-founder Bill McKibben to be the Institute’s founding fellow. McKibben agreed because he insists this change requires a movement, see:

Meanwhile the DNC insists that if a candidate wants to sign a joint fundraising agreement with them (in order to bypass the $2800 per person limit), that candidate has to promise to not build an independent fundraising arm of their own like Sanders has. Reports are that Warren has signed the joint fundraising agreement with the DNC.

Simple question: If you are claiming to support all of Bernie’s major legislation and initiatives, why run against him and split the progressive vote and donations, at the risk of allowing Biden to win?


Because the d-party would rather lose to Trump than win with Bernie.


I don’t agree with your initial statements regarding Senator Sanders’ ranking or position in the Democratic primaries, but I do agree with the overall sentiments you are expressing. Though I’ve often voted for the Democratic candidate (even when I was a registered Republican - the last Republican I voted for in national elections was Reagan, and I regretted that within days of boxing that ballot). I changed my registration to Independent in 1992, when I saw the reichwing cliff that Gingrich was driving the GOP over, it became clear that there was no longer any room for Bullmoose Republicans in the GOP. Pelosi and all the other Establishment corporate Dems, since 2000 have likewise made it clear that there is no room for me and my people oriented politics in the Dem(i-oligarchy) Party either. So, while I may occasionally vote for the rare progressive who slips through the DNC filters and gate-keepers to make it onto an election ballot, there is no reason for me to support the GOP, or the DNC, much less “blue, no matter who.” I consider both the Dems and Repugnicants to be fossilized deplorables from a time that never should have been allowed to exist, and fully unworthy of respect, consideration or votes.


Why don’t you trust the polls? They’ve been pretty consistent within a range.