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Confused By Emoluments? The Founding Fathers Would Have Impeached Trump in a New York Minute


Confused By Emoluments? The Founding Fathers Would Have Impeached Trump in a New York Minute

Rex Nutting

Conservatives, we are constantly told, believe in strict adherence to the Constitution based primarily on the text and secondarily on the views of the Founding Fathers. If conservatives really were “originalists,” they would be the first to say that Donald Trump is exactly the kind of president who ought to be impeached.


But they could not imagine that the constitutional system they created would ever permit the president to corrupt the Congress or the courts. Let’s hope they weren’t wrong about us.

Unless the president has found a way to spread ill gotten profits to Congress and courts? They all appear to corrupted from a shell game of sources, but are all owned by money. Perheps this unwillingness to anknowledge oligarchy and their ongoing class war against US citizens indicates the problem has progressed too far for an electoral fix.


The conservatives have largely been outed from the Republican Party by the white nationalists like Trump, Miller, and Bannon. The white nationalists don’t care about the Constitution and would probably like to do away with all amendments but the Second. It would seem that to Trump and his followers he is above the law and Trump has been trying to make that argument. Trump and company have nothing to do with the Founding Fathers. They have more in common with Vladimir Putin and Peter the Great. Given that talk of impeachment will just give Trump supporters one more reason to get out the house and vote in November the less the said the better. Based on a number of special elections that have taken place it appears that Trump supporters are not that energized. They went crazy when Obama was elected president and now that they got Trump in it seems they have calmed down. Why get them riled up again?


Days before taking office, Trump said he would donate all profits from foreign countries to the US Treasury. Right AFTER taking office, he said it was just too hard to track payments and profits from foreign governments in the service industry. Of course, divestiture would have eliminated the problem.


I think it time people lost this fixation on those "founding Fathers’ They WERE the one percent.

I will just use George Washington as example to dispell this “They would have impeached in a New York Minute” nonsense.

George Washington bought lands at a Federal Auction while president. This was in violation of the emoluments clause and George Washington tried to keep his actions secret. This is hardly the only instance of one of those “Founding Fathers” acting in his ow own self interest so as to enrich themselves. Thomas Jefferson as example saw the value of his slaves CLIMB after the US passed laws banning the import of more Slaves. The price of slaves increased significantly after these laws passed and Mr jefferson owned a whole lot of slaves.

Back to George Washington. There a reason he was the richest man in the Colonies and that because he had used his influence to gain title to vast tracts of lands intended for veterans . Where most soldiers were allowed 400 acres Mr Washington got himself some 20000 acres given to him by the crown. he then went around to those Vterans claiming they would never get the lands suggesting that they sell it to him instead. Mr Washington also got the best lands made available by having a close friend appointed a s Surveyour to the same.


Thank you. This idolatry in venerating our ‘founding fathers’ is really naive.

You know what it was like appointing Washington to be the Commander and Chief of the Revolutionary War and then the First President? His military experience was not impressive and it had been years. But he was the richest oligarch in the colonies- far beyond anyone else.

It would be like if we decided we needed to decide between Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or Warren Buffet.


Money trumps all and every politician sucks up to anything and everything that provides them more money. Even the robot like stone faced Pence who fancies himself a Christian while pushing a space force to fill the empty space in his head.


Not only does this veneration further reinforce the “Patriachry” (Note there no Founding Mothers" , but it reinforces the Dominator model as instituted by the 1 percent ( Good stuff can only come to the people from the 1 percent), The notion that those “founding Fathers” wanted to only answer to the American peoples is absolute rubbish. They despised the notion of what they called “rule by the mob” which is why they put in place a non elected Supreme Court, the Electoral college and the Senate.

The “Founding Fathers” tended to have a whole lot of what other people did not have and via that Constitution wanted to make sure their wealth was protected. They were as self serving a lot as ever there was.


“Human nature” was established prior to the Neolithic, as a co-development occurred of humans as biological creatures and their foraging way of life. During the Neolithic, as new ways of life began to develop, a growing “mismatch” began to develop between the way of life that is “natural” to us and the new ways of life that were developing. One implication of this is that the behaviors that humans engage in now are a mixture of “natural” ones and ones acquired as a result of societal changes.


Tom Paine wrote that France gave him the keys to the Bastille as a gift for George Washington. I wonder where those keys are now? : )


If he’s not going to be impeached for treason, he’s not going to be impeached for this.
Americans should e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y realize: Don’s “administration” is not a highway accident where you slow to see the carnage, and then, as you drive on, give thanks that it wasn’t you.
You ain’t goin’ nowhere if Don don’ want you to. Unless the police and military forces oppose him in significant enough numbers to refuse his orders.


Right. We see the latter three speaking out forcefully against Don’s wrecking crew (cabinet) and likely treason. Don’t we?


It isn’t the president who has found a way to spread ill-gotten profits to Congress, it is our damned system that has allowed that to happen. trump has captured the base of stupid voters that the GOP previously relied upon to make their elections look somewhat legitimate with a backdrop of voter suppression and gerrymandering also doing their part. trump came in and has talked out loud what was previously only said behind closed doors in the era when recordings weren’t so easy to make without being noticed. In other words, he’s crapping up the system by exposing it to the light of day. trump isn’t smart enough or generous enough to spread the wealth around. His genius is that he’s taken over the GOP base and they don’t know what to do about it because if they oppose him, they can kiss their re-elections goodbye. For this, I am thankful to trump as he’s brought the game out in the open–and has identified the racist bastards living among us. Hopefully, there will be hell to pay when all of this is in the past. I’d like to see some accountability among all of these racists who call the cops on Blacks for nothing more than being in what the racists perceive to be “their” spaces.


If early man had had the mentality of your average Republican (“I’ve got mine, go f*ck yourself”), we would never have survived as a species as early man needed teamwork to make it. The same is true today, only nobody in power seems to know it as we watch the destruction of the habitat that allows us to survive. Contrary to what some seem to think, the Earth will do just fine without us, as George Carlson use to say.