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Congress Accused of 'Moral Cowardice' for Enabling Endless War in Iraq and Syria


Congress Accused of 'Moral Cowardice' for Enabling Endless War in Iraq and Syria

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The U.S. House Representatives is being accused of cowardice after voting down a bill on Wednesday that would have forced them to take responsibility for the ten-month-old war in Syria and Iraq by mandating a vote for or against its authorization.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday to shut down debate on the war against ISIS by rejecting a bipartisan resolution that would have forced Congress to make a decision about whether or not to authorize the ten-month-old military intervention.


The only things they will vote on is items their masters will allow, and that is for the RICH only!


We are importing and then using 10 million barrels of that oil a day. The biggest user of this oil is the umbrella-like monolith called the DoD. Israel and the Saudis, along with the GCC, have so many armaments now they’re practically tripping over them. All this is not a bug in the current political and economic situation we find ourselves in, apparently the majority of our gov’t officials, find this to be an admirable feature. They are not political cowards. They are batsxit crazy and nuttier than fresh squeezed squirrel droppings.


We agree to disagree on the idiocy of the voters. Information is power and that’s why many voters are living in the fog of American Propaganda & Exceptionally Crafted Distortion. The Jonestown Kool-Aid, as it were.