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Congress’ Alternate Reality on Net Neutrality


Congress’ Alternate Reality on Net Neutrality

Timothy Karr

The hearing, deceptively titled “Common Carrier Regulation of the Internet: Investment Impacts,” is another misguided opportunity for members of the House, including Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Oregon), to repeat unsubstantiated claims about the supposed economic harms of the FCC’s open Internet protections.


No civil society can be turned towards war, or massive investments in a war machine without intensive propaganda and/or brainwashing.

The biggest threat to the Control State is an informed citizenry. And since it only takes about 10-15% of any civilian population to make waves that upset the status quo, it's those firebrands who use the Internet to acquire more comprehensive information/news/data/analyses that are a problem to today's corporate authoritarians.

The biggest threat to human liberty is the centralization of power.

When a handful of banks hold nations hostage due to their control of the money supply; they get to write policy. That's what's happening in real time in Greece and it's what hamstrung Nelson Mandela's efforts in South Africa.

When a handful of broadcast companies own mass media, they control the conversation. And it is THIS control of content that is so massively important to the martial control state.

Many of us, that is to say, astute thinkers, sensed that today's New World Order head honchos find independent journalists, thinkers, writers, photographers, and whistle-blowers a threat to their plans for all systems control.

The use of an outside terrorist in order to inspire enough fear to place a population in lockdown and under constant surveillance was a staple of the Third Reich. That these very protocols came into being as a direct--and planned--result of a False Flag (also well-planned) are part of a strategy based on the slow creep of greater and greater controls over citizens.

Perception management is keynoted. If peoples' minds are controlled, far less direct force is necessary to control their bodies and actions.

Connecting dots, one notices all of the following as efforts to block Truth:

  1. Journalists are now targets within war zones
  2. Environmental activists are being killed in South America
  3. Attacks on Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, etc. for revealing inconvenient Truths
  4. The corporate capture of the mass media
  5. CIA embeds on CNN and writers funded by covert agencies to push specific storylines (like what Robert Parry describes as simplistic storylines featuring "white hats" and "black hats.")
  6. Marginalization and shaming of "truthers" as in any individuals cognizant enough to see through the fairytale and demand HONEST investigations
  7. Attempts to control and regulate content over the Web by creating slow zones where seldom to never can Internet traffic travel
  8. No-Fly lists and harassment of people like Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald
  9. Independent outlets (the few domains where Truth can still be found) forced to beg for money in regular fund-raisers while...
  10. The inverted sages sitting on our Supreme Court grant corporations special "citizens' rights" and have the nerve to legalize bribery and call it "Citizens United"
  11. Children's minds are being formatted to produce factory-level results on standard assembly-line style tests all to stifle REAL intellectual development: inspired learning
  12. Working class kids can't afford college or look forward to climbing a ladder outside of working slave-like for their daily bread


The Controllers don't want there to be any way for rebellion to occur. By blocking Truth and the public's access to it, they control the narrative and control human behavioral responses.