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Congress and Ethics


Congress and Ethics

Christopher Brauchli

When Socrates and his two great disciples composed a system of rational ethics, they were hardly proposing practical legislation for mankind...They were merely writing an eloquent epitaph for their country.
—George Santayana, The Life of Reason


So Putin/Russia are the same as Hitler/Germany? Based on what?

I haven't seen Russia invading other countries, or even showing any inclination to do so. (Russia did not invade Ukraine, as Robert Parry has demonstrated in many articles here on commondreams and elsewhere. https://www.newcoldwar.org/making-russia-enemy/ ) But the U.S. has been invading or bombing other countries for decades.

What am I missing?


congress and ethics.....thats an oxymoron right?


Inviolable Property of the MEMBER of Congress?

Info NOT accessible, to the Public?

If We the People PAID for it, then we the People OWN it.


It IS rather jarring seeing those two words joined by a conjunction.


An absolute oxymoron!