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Congress and the Tax Collector


Congress and the Tax Collector

Christopher Brauchli

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
— A Saying

Here are two idioms that have no applicability to the United States Congress: ”Once bitten, twice shy”; “The third time’s a charm.”


One just has to stand back and wonder how much more privatization the US can endure as everything disappears in a cloud of vampiric nightmares. Taxes, apparently the fan favorite of Congress gets, yet again, another shot at greatness by bone collectors. These vampires suck the life out of so many poor folks by targeting some of the most vulnerable, rendering their meager pay worthless. I’ve had whole checks withheld by the IRS, I can’t imagine what a private collector might do in their zeal to trash the poor. BTW, I still owe the IRS from a bogus W-2 they cooked up in the 90’s when I failed to file one year. I back filed 9 years and they gave me credit for 3 years, the other 6 they disappeared, poof! no more $5 grand. This would have been more than enough if they were fair. I do hope a privateer pirate collector doesn’t get my name though.


If the private sector could get everything they wanted even the air we breath would cost money. Hell at a certain point it just might as the climate continues to unravel.


Taxes are used by the 1% to make the 99% pay off its gambling debts, costs of its wars, pollution, incarceration and killing of the “unproductive”.

Giving tax revenues to politicians to spend is a bad idea.

Don’t tax. Cap wealth to cap power.

Set personal wealth limits by yearly referendum.

Spread the excess wealth equally among us all.

Direct Democracy