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Congress: AWOL and Out of Control


Congress: AWOL and Out of Control

Ralph Nader

Taken as whole, with exceptions, the American people have the strangest attitude toward the Congress. Our national legislature spends nearly a quarter of our income and affects us one way or another every day of the year. Yet too many people withdraw in disgust instead of making Congress accountable to them. Warren Buffett once said, “It’s time for 535 of America’s citizens to remember what they owe to the 318 million who employ them.”


Congress appears content to sit back and do and say nothing about all the bombs we are dropping on people in the middle east, Can't cost them any votes if they let the President take all the responsibility. I bet Hillary wishes her congress thought of that.


Thanks, Mr. Nader. I will write my congress-sheeple today, and at least once/week thereafter. I've had it. Not that I expect to have any influence - certainly not anywhere close to as much as their corporate masters. Nonetheless, it certainly is time to start calling a spade a spade, vehemently. I will also give friends and families sample letters so they can do the same.


The hell with that writing letters idea Ralph. The American people are waking up, and we are leaving the Democrat/republican duopoly system behind. Many of us are going Green Party, some are joining the Anarchist movement ( The Peaceful Anarchist Movement) ; however, the repub/demo duopoly is toast, and they know it. Come with us Ralph, we know you are a warrior, ( Unsafe at Any Speed), Fidel Castro, "In Every Neighborhood, Revolution!."


There is only a single solution to this problem.

Vote every incumbent out of office.

Every incumbent Democrat and every incumbent Republican.

From local dog catcher to U.S. Senator.


What is the most amazing to me is that the approval rating for Congress is so low and yet people send the same old candidate back to Congress every time.
I am a firm believer in term limits for Congress and Supreme Court judges.
The life time appointments of judges and the repeat of old and worn out Congress members has got to stop.
Life moves on but they don't and it keeps us stuck in the same place for years.
Vote the old ones out and get some new blood in there it can't get any worse and it may just get better.


Ralph has run with the Greens for years. He has been an avid supporter of the revolution as long as I can remember. He's already a Jill Stein supporter.


Vote them all out of office in November.
We can term limit these maniacs instantly.


Now that a one term Congresscritter can lose an election or retire and have a $1 million/annual salary lobbying job waiting for them on K Street (up to $2 million for multi-termers) Buffet's admonition that Congresscritters are employed by 318 million Murkins is 100% false. The POTUS and Congress are employed and their retirements funded by the fraction of 1% of that 318 million who fund their jobs and retirements.

The $174K annual Congresscritter salary, Rolls Royce benefits and retirement mentioned in the article are chump change compared to the enhanced compensation the oligarchs give them.


Vote them all out in every election.
Do that and the oligarchy (1%) will get tired of throwing good money after bad.


Dede, I know that. Ralph Nader is the people's warrior since he was a kid; however, to me writing letters to congress is a waste of time. The duopoly is over, and Ralph as always will be there with us, we the people.


From 1996 until 2008 I frequently wrote letters to my two Senators and one House member, all of them Democrats.
After 12 years of always receiving responses telling me why they were voting against my interests, I gave up and startrd voting 100% third party compared to 50 to 60% third party previously.


While there a bit more turnover of candidates here in Canada as compared to the USA it very much the same. The issue is really not that strange when you think about it. The incumbent has much better access to funds used to run on elections and the party establishment like to take care of its incumbents.

It in fact part of the same problem Mr Nader outlines. This is also used to keep party members in line wherein a "fresh faced" candidate new to the scene and wanting to do good soon becomes corrupted by that same establishment. They are brought into a back room and told just what they can and can not say and if they become uncontrollable the apparatus of the party kicks into gear to marginalize them.


This is sadly so true.


When they're not dialing for campaign dollars the Congress corruption critters are telling their stock brokers to act on the latest inside information they got hold of.



Why do we need these expensive slacker sell outs to make the laws for us when We the People can make the laws securely online?

Direct democracy NOW!


That's difficult to do on a ballot with no personal information on the candidates, just their names. Sure, we could do some research before the vote, but unfortunately not many of us have the time to do that. For judges, sheriffs and such, not even party affiliation is included in the ballots.

In Florida, mail-in ballots would print party affiliation on the envelopes. Many Democrat ballots in envelopes were found in dumpsters and on the street during Bush/Gore.

It seems many people vote for whoever's name they remember seeing on a sign. And the voting machines are still in use. The system is rigged.

Direct democracy


Nader's Raiders yea! If we the people can just get the police people, and the military people on our side, congress would become meaningless.


If one doesn't know who they are voting for, should they be allowed to vote?

Of course they should!
This is America and everyone has the right to vote whether they are fools or not.

Seriously, it doesn't take a very large percentage of people to swing the vote in any contest.
Just be a part of those who vote the incumbent scoundrels out of office.


Why? Are you planning a coup?