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Congress Backs Big Food Over Consumers; President Should Veto GMO Anti-Labeling Law


Congress Backs Big Food Over Consumers; President Should Veto GMO Anti-Labeling Law

U.S. Right to Know

Today’s vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to approve a law that allows food companies to avoid clearly labeling foods made with genetically engineered ingredients cheats consumers out of information they are entitled to have, and should be vetoed by President Obama, according to the consumer advocacy group U.S. Right to Know.


What planet am I on? What the hell is going on here?! How can it come to this?! Citizens lives have become reduced to no value, other than the dollars monolithic corporations can remove from us; as they quietly and gradually poison us? I have seen enough critical evidence regarding GMO’s to realize we’ve been playing with dynamite. Several European countries, parts of Asia and South America, want nothing to do with Monsanto products - perhaps they’ve studied the science?!

I look to the heavens for some sign that maybe morality still matters, someplace away from Washington D.C. Inc. Because that place has become nothing but a sewer of pestilence where the more you’re willing to witness to depravity and denounce - ‘simple common sense notions such as saying: hell yes, people have the right to know what they’re eating and feeding to their children’ the further you’ll go at D.C. Inc.

It’s becoming clear to me how the Brexit issue is also our fight against the tyranny of unbridled capitalism, where non elected business people seek to control our very lives from cradle to grave - and Democracy, state sovereignty; is viewed as kryptonite. It’s the “new world order” Bush Sr. spoke of. The GOP is now a cult where you’re paid very well with wonderful benefits, at public expense, to be insane. While Democrats are now right of rational but look sane by comparison. Anybody else seeing this?
The upside: pharmaceutical firms love treating all the illness, we develop from ingesting genetically modified products…

Washington D.C. should be renamed something more appropriate. A name befitting the real values and interests it serves. I’ve got it: ALEC Central.