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Congress Can Lead the Charge on Divesting From Law Enforcement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/14/congress-can-lead-charge-divesting-law-enforcement

Agree wholeheartedly with your article.

WRT community policing I’m of the opinion that there should be a 2-tiered system -

Tier 1 - a new department that is always peacefully deployed within a community whose sole duty is to de-escalate and help citizens to solve problems, these officers should not carry lethal weapons, perhaps no weapons at all. In normal circumstances these are the only community officers a citizen should see.

Tier 2 - an on-call (like the fire department) armed police force that is only called in when Tier 1 is unable to de-escalate a dangerous situation, which will happen from time to time.

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“Congress can” and Congress won’t. We need a whole new Congress.


I hope no one is holding their breath waiting for Nancy to support legislation helping African Americans.
They don’t donate enough money.


and Biden won’t either. Dont Expect the Dinocrats to give anything but lip service

As Calls to Defund the Police Grow Louder, Joe Biden Wants to Give Them More Money


Institutions which breed violence against humans such as the American Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, ICE, CBP, and the National Guard must have their budgets severely reduced in order to make these groups understand the value of human life.

The accelerated spending of excessive amounts of funding over the course of many decades has made these groups more violent and less human.

More guns on the streets of America in the hands of people untrained and qualified to possess them, puts us all in extreme danger.

This must stop.

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The author also speaks of “over-criminalization of black bodies and communities” as if, in the sausage factory where she grew up, there’s a correct level at which to criminalize Black folks – neither too much nor too less, as Congress invariably aims for the right balance between fluffy rhetoric and clandestine oppression. There aren’t many Black columnists who are clueless about the capital B, either. Strange.

There will be no change in violent police behavior until their “training” is completely altered to eliminate it as it exists today. Police must justify their great numbers, their military toys, their SWAT teams, the entire “business” of policing, and if the public saw they intentionally create that false justification and demand rolling-back police numbers and funding, it would not be good for their cop business - part of the Prison Industrial Complex!

The police are trained to view citizens as “the enemy” - people to be suspicious of, to view in the worst light possible -, especially people of color; ALL people are items to be processed, not seen as individuals or rights respected,to be as aggressive as possible and demand instant submissive compliance with the directions they give, or expect, that are designed to provoke!

The demands are designed to provoke a response from people, even as small as a natural reaction of pulling ones hand away from an attempt to grasp the object of police attention. ANY smallest move other than instant submissive passivity, then frees the cops to react - to smash the “perp” that “resisted” to the ground regardless of age, gender, or the original supposed “offense”, brutalize them, practice their violent-reaction training.
The purpose of the training cops receive, either home-grown or by Israeli “security forces” that practiced on Palestinians for decades, is more and more one-size-fits-all, aggressive, confrontational, and violent - The violence is trained-in to recruits and further instilled by the cop culture of violence toward every person they interact with - a low IQ and requirement to never think for oneself isn’t any help either!

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As I said:

Dont Expect the Dinocrats to give anything but lip service

Congress CAN do a lot of things this country needs. But it doesn’t want to.

A plan to get rid of all the corporationists in Congress would be a lot more useful than this pie-in-the-sky stuff that the current Congress will never allow.

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