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'Congress Cannot Go on Recess WIthout Providing This': Sanders, Hawley Move to Attach $1,200 Payments to Must-Pass Spending Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/congress-cannot-go-recess-without-providing-sanders-hawley-move-attach-1200-payments


The ultimate goal of the “Reagan revolution” was to get Americans to lose faith in the government. That goal has been achieved. They now want to re create a federal government that manages only two things, the military and the federal courts, both of course existing solely to protect the interests of corporations and the wealthiest individuals.
The Koch brothers dream has always been to Balkanize the USA. To break it up into loose “confederations” of like minded states.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any direct aid from congress. They are run by supply-siders now (yes, even the majority of democrats are supply-siders) so any “aid” to the American people must first be filtered through corporations.
Get ready to be trickled on again. Only that’s not rain running down your back.


Sanders makes a good argument against this rotten system of exploitation. Many of us have been in the situations as described and know those who are currently struggling. That the system–ecologically, economically for the great numbers of people–is collapsing seems obvious and it will be up to us to decide how we will respond.

I am reposting this because it is appropriate:

It is a human scale for which we seek. It is livable space. It is my conviction that we must first off, figure out what is there in modernity worth while saving, then discarding the rest. To my mind, human space is first off required. A space in which we can breathe, where we feel free in our person. An area in which nature embraces us as we embrace it. A recognition of our harmonics. Discover the poetics our our existence. We must first off, learn to live anew. I shall add this little thought:

“In the end (as in the beginning) it is all about life. Living life in full; which sometimes brings us to an edge, hence living on the edge, stretching the limits of our horizon. I’ve done much of that myself but what I prefer most is latching hold of a comets tail and taking flight. That is the exaltation of life. However, it takes heart.

“I repeat myself, it’s all about love."

Neil J. Smith


People who are hard pressed economically are the best investment, in this kind of a situation, because the little money they get is spent on essential needs, and the stimulus is immediately working as a stimulus should. There is no lag time.

Of course, that is exactly why the Republicans are against it, since they know Biden is soon to be in office.


Sanders is a true advocate of the working class and for that I admire him. He is desperately trying to save the people, but if he succeeds he would also be saving (for a time) the utterly broken system they live under. Painful as it is and will be, I almost wish him failure here. Seeing this unfold from across the border, it’s clear that he only thing that will actually bring change is a show of power and anger from the masses. Congress has completely lost their fear of the people – they only have contempt left. They need to find that fear again, and remember who their real masters are. Rise up my American brothers and sisters.



They’re all so full of crap, sorry.


Ill second that!

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I was sitting through yet another 3 hour conference call yesterday to discuss budget initiatives and projections for 2021 when our COO referred to the workers at our little Fortune 500 company as “human capital”

That is apparently all the production workers and customers are these days, capital, and potential capital.
Isn’t it funny that, just after corporations were declared human by the Supreme Court, the real people that work at the corporation have had their humanity stripped away.


BigB wrote the BEST no-holds-barred summary I have seen in a while.
It paints a sad picture, but we live in a sad reality.

For all the phony PR-blah-blah about “freedom” and patriotism in th U.S., freedom and democratic participation are the LAST things we get.

One of our rulers’ favorite mimes is about opposition to TAXES “they” don’t want to pay, yet ironically the right-wing nuts leading this orchestrated campaign take SO many of our tax dollars (more than any other nation) to fund weapons and killing in wars.

So much for a religious or morally-led nation …

We have so many complaining about abortion, yet we lock up, harm and kill so many here and around the globe — as … a BUSINESS (so much for God) — while not only NOT providing needed healthcare, but assisting private companies make huge profits while giving them many results developed by OUR national tax-paid research. They charge insanely hiked-up prices to our citizens who already fund THEM (!!), … and prevent millions from receiving the healthcare they need and deserve!
Those COMPANIES are America’s True “Welfare Moms”!!

• Now, THAT is criminal and immoral action GALORE!

NOW they are trying to completely destroy base, fundamental VOTING practices to solidify their unlawful control of power.
If you didn’t notice it before, theirs is clearly a highly-funded and highly-orchestrated WAR on DEMOCRACY going on. run by the already-powerful, who are threatened by the very idea of empowering The PEOPLE through democratic representation AND democratic PROCESSES like free and fair elections.

Reagan BLAMED Government for our problems. His smiling face LIED to us, as his comments were SO WRONG. COMPLETELY PHONY.

That refrigerator salesmen and B-actor, whose face was nothing more than a PR-substitute for the wealthy elite rulers made a mark, indeed, with his attempt to BLAME GOVERNMENT for our problems
• GOVERNMENT is the visible means for the People to participate together in Decision-Making! Period. It is how we make sure that WE are being included!!

Reagan handed us the BIGGEST All-time Elite Self-serving LIE.
• The Problem is NOT “Government.”
• The Problem is … who COMPRISES government, and if it truly represents US (!!!), … and NOT money-based private interests.
• “NO Government” … hands U.S. decision-making over to non-elected Private Elites.
— It is the LAST Thing We Want or NEED !!

Reagan’s Big Lie left millions without healthcare, decent wages, enough food, proper retirement … and proper representation — all while the Wealthy grew wealthier.

AND it started to tear apart our nation and Founding Principles along with Our Constitution — the very fabric of our nation — and, sadly, with massive PR operations, millions bought into his BS!

• Essentially Reagan and those whose policies he represented, were TRAITORS. Our enemies! And we never mentioned, much less FIXED, that.

Dems were useless in denouncing what really was going on, as they made their own billions.
• And it ALL led us to … the Trump-led madness of TODAY: Trying to finish Reagan’s Democracy-Busting Legacy.


I think it is sad that the best champion we can hope for is a guy advocating for a paltry and inadequate $1200. Sure it would help for a month, but what we need is $1200 a month until we are out of this mess, along with Medicare For All, College debt forgiveness, increased unemployment benefits, tax increases on the obscenely rich, reverse Citizens United, clean out the swamp, etc. The action we need will never come working through either party. It remains to be seen how much abuse Americans will accept before they rise up, if ever they will. The news media is choosing to not tell you about what is going on in India, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela with people rebelling against neoliberalism and capitalism. They dare not give Americans any ideas and are pretty sure we don’t have the courage to rebel. They may be right.


You wrote the BEST no-holds-barred summary I have seen in a while.
It paints a sad picture, but we live in a sad reality.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing: they’re making an offer we can’t refuse. It’s win, win, WIN for our duopoly? Why would they NOT feed us to the virus? Infect as many of our loved ones, co-workers, transit riders, clerks, teachers, nurses and app/gig “essentials” as possible: ROB victims blind with ER, ICU, surprise out-of-network or code-us into chronic medical indentiture? Harvest victims’ homes. It’s what their actual constituents PAY them for. Everything’s back to NORMAL!

~https://mobile.twitter.com/Laurie_Garrett/status/1337147832755773442 (anybody asking this?)

~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/10/technology/airbnb-tops-100-billion-on-first-day-of-trading-reviving-talk-of-a-bubble.html (sharks been WAITING for this, CHUM)

~https://jacobinmag.com/2020/12/biden-coronavirus-covid-lockdown-science (COVID: terrible thing to waste!)


~https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/the-end-of-the-facebook-crime-spree (they only wanted a little TASTE, to share the WEALTH, they BEAT the socialist, after all?)


Indeed, along with the immunity we need from not only COVID-19 but their pathological ideas. I am for walking away as in non cooperation.


They seem to forget that some 19 million renters are over $5000 dollars behind on their rent. Even a household with two adults is still only going to get $2400, and that’s still going to get them evicted.
What you will see with little to no direct aid will be a mass movement of people who will abandon their current back rents or hopelessly behind mortgages, and simply use their $1200 to $2400 checks for the first month and security deposits on a new rental. Yet they will still be out of work, still be in poverty or dangerously close to it, and still be on the hook for the money they owe their former lands lords and every other debtor they have in the (hopefully) post Covid USA.
While a paltry $1200 may get people over the hump this month, what about the next month, and the next? When this is over the USA will more resemble the world of a Dickens or Steinbeck novel.


If you look at it from the point of view of the oligarchs, the world population is over 7 billion now, on a planet that can barely sustain one billion. The environment is collapsing, potable water is declining, natural resources are being depleted. The answer is clear: a massive die off of humans is the only way out of this. Enter a possibly man-made virus that many suspect was created in a lab along with a policy in the US of letting the pandemic run wild killing many thousands. Too far fetched? Maybe, maybe not.


They can’t even BE bothered, there’s no need? Mr. Market gives them PLENTY of actual catastrophe upon which to capitalize, monetize & exploit our sorry demise? Great JOB Donny, Andy & Billy… 35K extra apartments to flip in NYC! 13 new billionaires, hundreds of new slumlord millionaires and millions of chronically ill, ever more terrified, desperate and hopeless virtual sharecroppers, indentured peons & sick, psychotic, heavily armed substance-abusing psycho nazis?

~https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2773790 (nursing home folks, first? HMmm?)

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/centrist-democrats-risky-strategy (still, virtually nobody discussing the obvious?)




Very well said. It would be quite easy for Congress to do this since all they would have to is to slash the military budget, which is currently over an astounding $700 billion, at least in half. But that is a bridge too far for even someone like Sanders who only advocated that monstrosity be cut by only 10 % and who once claimed that he wanted to start a political revolution. Sanders’s political revolution is certainly never going to happen as long as he continues to align himself with the corporate and militant Democrats.

Our political leaders need to realize that the emphasis needs to be, as the expression goes, on either guns or butter. The hope is that it will be on the latter rather than the former because, as Jeffrey St. Clair notes over at CounterPunch, The United States spends more on national defense than China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil combined [while] Defense spending accounts for 15 percent of all federal spending and roughly half of discretionary spending…

“Endless money forms the sinews of war.”-Cicero

“We have guided missiles and misguided men.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

“War is the daughter of capitalism.”-Engels & Marx


The Biden family gets all the money they want by Selling Influence.

We knew that Biden is a Warmonger, I wonder if he sent a Condolence Card to the thousands of Iraqi’s that were killed because he led the charge to Bomb Baghdad?

Biden, was, is and will always be a Corporate Puppet who always supports his Big Corporate Donors over We The People.

How the Hell did this country vote for a scoundrel like Biden and rejected a Humanitarian like Sanders?

Capitalism and the Greed and Selfishness it fosters is disgusting, a Crime against Humanity and has spread through America like a California Wildfire.

Bernie, I still Love you even though you promoted a proven Warmonger, you are the only Human Being in Congress that has a Heart. The rest of the members have to go to the Wiz for an entire new body.



“Government is not the answer to our problems. Government IS the problem.” – Ronald Reagan

“The era of big government is over.” – Bill Clinton

For the past 30 - 40 years the neocons and neoliberals alike have made those words their mantra, and they, along with the corporate-owned/corporate-controlled mainstream media have brainwashed most of the American people to think that government, by its very nature, is bad all of the time and that whenever our government tries to do anything for the people it is being a “nanny state” or being outright tyrannical, with the ulterior motive of “controlling” us. And yet our government has been handing out cash payments, tax breaks, and bail-outs like candy to the corporate fat cats and the super-rich, and most of the American people accept that because they see it as being supportive of capitalism and therefore a good thing.

I honestly don’t know how to go about un-brainwashing so many people who do not, cannot see how brainwashed they really are. I think we’re screwed, and it is our collective stupidity that is going to bring this empire of greed, arrogance, and willful ignorance to its knees. It’s a matter of when it happens, not if.


Mitch McConnell is exhibit #1 that the US is not a democracy and in fact the govt operates more like a dictatorship. [Note that this goes for how Pelosi operates the House as well]

You have to laugh/scoff when Mitch says that repubs will not accept legislation that does not include stronger corporate liability protections, when it is really just him that won’t accept it. FU Mitch.