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Congress Challenges Comey Claims as FBI, Apple Battle Heats Up



I have an Idea...

Make the FBI remove their encryption first, that should work quite well for our citizens.

Let's see how that works as a test-bed for proposed software development.


Intelligence has a shelf life. Maybe not as short as spotted bananas, but still there's a point when it's just garbage.

It's been three months since San Bernardino, and the phone info is probably worthless. The only thing the FBI can get out of this is a legal precedent to snoop.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Bringing the issue of tracking a bit closer to home:

Please act on this!

To: webmaster@commondreams.org, editor@commondreams.org
Subject: Network spying as it impacts those of us at commondreams

I am happy that you have kept some focus on the issue of spying on our internet communications. Being thus aware of the issue, it perplexes me that you have not taken the step to use https for commondreams and the commons. Without it, every article we read and every post we make is visible on the network, tracked and connected both to our IP and to our login name. As a result of the revelations of Edward Snowden, Wikipedia has made the jump. Would you also consider correcting this problem?

Thank you,

(You can also phone commondreams at: 207.775.0488)