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'Congress Didn't Ask for a Summary': Demands to #ReleaseTheFullReport Surge After Barr Letter


'Congress Didn't Ask for a Summary': Demands to #ReleaseTheFullReport Surge After Barr Letter

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Arguing that a four-page summary by President Donald Trump's handpicked Attorney General is far from sufficient transparency for a probe that lasted nearly two years, members of Congress and progressive advocacy groups Sunday night intensified their demands that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's full conclusions be made public immediately.



Can’t thank the Liberal Democrats enough for helping Trump get elected to a second term. A job well done!



Some how you democrats@morons think this is going to unseat Trump in 2020… There is insufficient (no) evidence of collusion . Congress (you mean the dems?) and progressive advocacy groups (wall street neoliberals with blue berries on their face?) intensified their demands!!!.

How about you ‘intensify’ your demands for: Universal Free HealthCare
Free College Education
Fix the Ten Million Potholes
Substantial Wage Increase for Actual Workers
Instead of Fat Cats. etc, etc

How about you ‘intensify’ demands to stop the genocide of the Venezuelan People. You know (because Trump had told you) he needs a WALL to stop the thirty million refugees … YOU are on the verge of creating.



Get over it Bernie, you are only going to make yourself seem more foolish than you already have by buying into the Russiagate fraud to start with. This is one of the great disasters in American political history. The mainstream media, already credibility starved, now has none. You should be screaming at the media and the Democrats and the security state for this blatant attempt at a soft coup. Trump is the worst of the worst, but this attempt to remove him is a greater disaster for what remains of this democracy.

Glenn Greenwald will be on Democracy Now this morning with shill extraordinaire David Kay Johnstone to discuss. It is accountability time.

“Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy,” New York Times. So called paper of record.



Another big political loss for the Dims as the leadership woo AIPAC for support. The Dims are clueless and deserve to lose the next presidential election no matter who runs.

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Hello speechless, It ain’t the true Lberal Democrats but those pretending to be liberal democrats as well as so many others that are part of the delusional that believe in the democratic party which is in reality the junior member of the Republican/Right Wing Duopoly!



Hello Smerl, Thanks for showing us what you see in the mirror each and every time you look! The things that your post has in the second paragraph would have happened if we had a real Democratic Party. Unfortunately the “left wing opposition” doesn’t exist. What does exist is the DUOPOLY with the REICH WING IN CHARGE!

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Jeez. Glad all these prescient legal minds are able to state an unequivocal conclusion without even reading the report

That sure is going by the facts



I want to see the report. We saw the FBI’s report on Hillary. Why not? Maybe Trump campaign folks just never followed up their meetings with interlocutors? We just don’t know so let’s find out. Trump is crowing anyway, right?



Even if Barr is riding something, even if the findings of the report show Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice or even if the report actually shows that Trump was guilty of collusion, what would come of it? Impeachment? Not a chance. Pelosi and the Democratic party elite took impeachment off the table a long time, ago. The Dem establishment and Pelosi, in particular, need Trump in office to maintain their power and their hold over the party faithful who, according to the polls, rank beating Trump as their number one concern. That’s right, just beat Trump, no matter who the party runs as a candidate. Democratic voters have become so drunk on the “anyone but Trump” kool-aid that they are willing to settle for no action on climate change, inequality, military spending and war, single payer, or any other issue. Nope, just beat Trump, even if it means running tottering old Uncle Joe Biden.

Yup, promises to be another campaign season with lengthy pronouncements and analysis on who is the most electable, who is the most likable, who is the least racist or most racist, who is the least progressive or who is the most progressive, breaking this ceiling or that ceiling, smarmy who will end the divisiveness bullshit and so much more. Anyone expecting a serious discussion of issues should take a long vacation in a land far away and come back a couple days before it’s time to vote. In other words, another all show and no substance American campaign season is upon us, this time with a cast of thousands. Pass the barf bags.



The longer they can prevent the release of the report, the longer they can keep the Russiagate hysteria alive.
This way there remains some doubt among the sheeple, and if they keep this up long enough it will also cast doubt on what is eventually released.
As a bonus, it also serves as yet another distraction.

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Democrats just took the House by running on healthcare and oversight, not Russia. NPR did a whole story on how little Democrats focused on it. We are in the moment now, but as time passes, and the campaign gets more ripe, I suspect it will fade.

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They are demanding the release of the report. A resolution has already passed the House. Remember, the president and Republicans also wanted it released too (I suspect this may change now).



If we want to exile Trump to Devils Island in 2020 we need to get off this Russia-Gate nonsense.

I see absolutely no connection to Russia and the outcome of the 2016 election.

We fielded a Republican Light candidate with zero progressive ideas.

When Hillary failed to select a progressive running mate, scoffed at the idea of Medicare For All, thought Free Public College was a joke and never said a word about the crime of shipping our Jobs Overseas, she opened the door for the Snake Oil salesmen to espouse FDR ideas, even though they were lies.

Enough with the Russian Collusion bullshit. I see nothing wrong with befriending the Russian Bear, especially since they have the power to Vaporize all 50 States and our retaliation would bring an end to life on Planet Earth.

I love Tolstoy and the rest of the Russian people are not bad either if we take the time to get to know them. At least they do not have Military bases all over the World like we do.



I just love most of the comments above me…nothing to see here, move along now, move along.

We know why Barr is where he is and who hired him. We do not know what is in the report. Congress must have the report and Congress must do it’s investigations before “any” conclusions can be drawn. Barr had a job to do and it was one he openly applied for, now let Congress do it’s job. We need answers as to why this is the most corrupt admin. in decades. The aim is to preserve the Republic and restore confidence in the Constitution. Period!



I have never heard Greenwald sounding so angry as he did this morning. Though he took up journalism, Greenwald is a dyed-in-the-wool attorney, and hardly ever raises his voice (however much the righteous anger might be soaring in his chest). But the prospect of watching fools like Rachel Maddow continue to march naifs toward nuclear war is finally starting to get to him. Greenwald is royally pissed, I’ll tell ya.



I must just say it…Ho Hum…

It has been in your face obvious that the Dems would much rather see Trump in office than any democratic socialist no matter how mild and the pushing of a Russiagate angle was always going to be a win win for them.
If by some miracle it did turn out Trump had some clear nefarious relationship with Russia he could be excised from the equation and a predictable Republican like Pence would be a predictable foil for them……
or…… Trump would come out of the special counsel’s investigation relatively unscathed and all ‘on the fence’ for Trump Republicans would breathe a sigh of relief and bear hug him straight to 2020 victory……
thereby letting the Democratic Party breathe their own sigh of relief that they could deep six any pretense of respecting the leftist end of the party.
All got exactly what they wanted here. All except the people who actually need a decent government whose goals are only to take care of its people ……



From the following article:
‘The Democrats have, on many fundamental issues, formed what amounts to a national unity government with Trump.’



I agree the whole report should be released. Having said that I also agree with Caitline Johnstone.

What is clear to me is that America went insane with the 2016 election. Both parties are mired in abject corruption. Meanwhile most amerikans have lost their ability to reason on an adult level being led by charlatans and carnival barkers like Rachel Trump and Donald Maddow. I’ve spent my life reading history and believe me, this is what happens when empires and regimes fall apart. Every one of the elites becomes a looter while getting the peasants to chase false enemies. Good night america.