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Congress' Flint Compromise Still Leaves Struggling Community Waiting for Aid


Congress' Flint Compromise Still Leaves Struggling Community Waiting for Aid

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Lawmakers have come up with a compromise to avoid a potential government shutdown and provide long-awaited aid for Flint, Michigan—though the band-aid measure will still keep that community, which has been grappling with a lead-contamination crisis for more than two years, waiting for funds at least until November.


Flint should well be question #1 for all presidential candidates.

Is there no shame among our so-called leaders?


Why do we keep reelecting plutocratic incumbents, from both the Democratic and the Republican Party, election after election?
Are we all insane?
We need to get rid of every incumbent in November.


ask yourselves why Flint's water crisis is not the #1 issue on the country's table? BECAUSE BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER IN THIS AMERIKA - THEY NEVER HAVE until we the people change it. Try reading a book published in 1998, TROUBLE IN MIND, written by an outstanding author LEON LITWACK. More relevant now than ever. 500 pages of the truth of black peoples' lives. Notice how both of these fools running for president could only come up with a solution of police being reformed, if even that. Police have simply been assigned the task of power and control over black and brown lives, so the leadership of white supremacists did not have to get their hands dirty with the blood of black and brown men and women! Now that is the truth upon which this nation rests.


Congress in all of its bipartisan glory.
And no third parties allowed; if so, always marginalized.
An exemplary democracy they've created, even contains a measure of compassion.


It's not likely that "we are all insane."
Far more likely that our politicians are.
We should've long ago instituted a zero tolerance policy for any candidate who fails a state of the art, peer-reviewed battery of psychological tests.
I'd think that most candidates would not pass.


WTF, no money for Flint, no money for 9/11 survivors from our war monger who purchases $$$$$$$$$$$of war machinery, airplanes and bombs and....

we should of let repug thugs shut down the government and ..... where are the frickin dems, we don't hear them shouting from the roof tops about the obstruction that has been going on for years. Where are the mouth pieces of the dems not talking about all the problems this country has and the media doesn't talk about it, repug thugs don't and the dimwits don't.

Why do we continue to pay their salaries? cause we the people are not heard or listen too.


Good people cannot afford to run for office, they don't have the cash. Our elections are rigged from before they get going thru to the end. Candidates have to have hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$just to get started.

It should not be that way.


Gore Vidal once described our system as "the two right wings of the Money Party."
Today, truer than ever.


Will you be casting your vote to reelect any incumbents in November?


Neoliberal incrementalism in action---or rather, inaction. Talk about "deplorables..."


A measure? Not visible to the naked eye---or heart.


If that is true, and I'm certain that it is, why do we keep electing the same crooks back into office, election after election?
Let's try voting out the incumbent crooks already in office and elect a whole 'new' set of crooks in their place.
Can't hurt can it?


Don't know yet.


It's a no brainer.


Right. My misstatement.


Governor Snyder, and the Emergency Managers knew exactly what they were doing when they switched the City of Flint from the Detroit water system, fresh water ( Lake Huron ) to the poison water, (Flint River). Also, they did not even bother to add the anti- corrosive agent to the Flint River water, to prevent the leaching of the lead from the pipes into the water supply. All this information and more, and Slippery Snyder walks free. Hell they don't even care to grill (ream him a new one), him (Snyder) under oath in front of congress! Now all this time later and Paul Fu-cking Ryan, and the rest of these criminals are saying FU CK YOU to the people of Flint, Michigan! WHAT A FU-KING COUNTRY!


We continue because we don't appear to have a choice.
Dazzling array of choice in the consumer marketplace. Very paltry choice of politicians.



They have been drinking poison water for years and these douche bags are going to make them wait longer?!


Free water for Congress, but only if it is from Flint!


You need a load of free $$$$$$$$peech to be heard.