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Congress Has One Shot to Truly Restore Net Neutrality


Congress Has One Shot to Truly Restore Net Neutrality

Dana Floberg

Think of it as a double negative: If we repeal Pai’s repeal, we end up right back where we started — with strong Net Neutrality rules.


Why would Republicans betray their corporate masters who are pulling the strings tho? They don’t care about anyone except the ones who give them money. Our only hope is in the Courts and if that doesn’t work, well, maybe we should take a que from Robespierre and cut some heads.


Ms Floberg, you have shown us a new shaft of light in this mortal duel we have with Pai. This CRA, this reset button, is it a simple congressional resolution? Is the identical resolution needed in both houses, and by a simple majority vote? Is its wording and timing crucial?

If it is a vote of congress, it means we can help with putting the pressure on individual legislators. Please someone among you, fill in the blanks for us, so we can do something.


My “champions in Congress” are Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, and Andy Barr. How does one convince them to abandon their corporate sugar daddies?