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Congress Held Ten Hours of Hearings on Facebook. What’s Next?

Congress Held Ten Hours of Hearings on Facebook. What’s Next?

India McKinney

After grilling Mark Zuckerberg for ten hours this past week, the big question facing Congress is, “What’s next?” The wide-ranging hearings covered everything from “fake news” to election integrity to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that spurred the hearings in the first place. Zuckerberg’s testimony did not give us much new information, but did underline what we already knew going in: Facebook’s surveillance-based, advertising-powered business model creates real problems for its users’ privacy rights.

According to the author: Congress needs to get this right.

Except that the hearings were pretty much about Congress telling Mark Zuckerberg that the last thing they wanted to do was actually legislate new rules on his company.

And the D-Party actually considered a Zuckerberg presidential run in 2020. Just. Wow.

Hard to be grilled in a hearing, when the person on the hot-seat monetarily owns the grillers.
Get the hell off of facebook.

Political Theatre

With the new wave of encryption, these methods of interaction and players that provide such a baseline platform will soon be things of the past.

From the very start Facebook sounded like a sham, so I never joined it.

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A dog and a pony will be “next”.